Chapter One: Birthday

It was a cool day of mid-September when Petra Pan went into labour for the first time. She was so excited that the pain of the contractions barely fazed her as her husband, Paul, drove her to the hospital. After 27 hours of mixed screams and cries, a beautiful little boy was born at exactly 18 inches tall and around 8 pounds. His cheeks quickly became a rosy red as he gave his first cry, and his nose scrunched up tight as he shrieked. He was perfect, in the opinion of Petra and Paul. It was only when the couple gazed into their newborn son’s eyes when they thought at the same moment of a perfect name.

“Peter Pan.” Petra smiled and rocked him back and forth, yawning and resting his body over her shoulder.

Paul beamed at his wife and stroked her cheek, catching a salty tear as it trickled down. “Perfect Peter Pan,” he whispered as she fell asleep.

The End

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