The end

Peter's funeral was quite a simple affair.  His wife and his parents were there along with several colleagues from the office.  Some old friends from school had also turned up to pay their last respects.  Peter's brother had read the eulogy.  But that wasn't really that much to say.  Peter had led a pretty uneventful life.

Isaac stood at the back of the church.  He wasn't sure why he had come.  He had seen Peter die in front of him.  He had watched helpless as Peter convulsed, the electricity surging though his body.  He was powerless to help him at that moment.  And when Peter's body had collapsed to the floor, Isaac had just stood there, not sure what to do.  As if watching himself in a mirror, he dialed for an ambulance and had waited till it arrived.  He told them what had happened.  He told them that he was a friend and that he had seen it all.  The paramedics told him that there was no way he could have helped.  A tear fell down his cheek.

The coffin was carried from the small church and placed into the waiting hearse.  Isaac stood by and watched.  "Looks like it's going to be a fine day...a good day for a funeral." commented a elderly man next to Isaac.  

"It's fine now...but a storm is brewing."

"Really?  There isn't a cloud in the sky.  How can you tell?"

Isaac smiled.  "I can taste them."

"Really?  And how do they taste?"


The End

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