The storm

The storm began in Peter's head.  Thoughts crashed together like clouds, scraping against his skull.  Isaac drew his hand away.  "Pete, if this is too quick then tell me.  I'll back off.  I though this is what you want."

"It was.  It is.  I just don't think I had ever really admitted it to myself.  Is it me or is it really hot in here?"

Peter felt as if the room was spinning.  The walls seemed to be closing in.  He felt like the room was expanding and then shrinking around him.  "I need some air."

He got up and went outside.  Isaac followed him.  He grabbed his had.  "Pete.  Slow down and just breathe.  It's fine.  Look, I live nearby.  Why don't you come back and splash some water on your face.  I'll make us coffee and then you can get home."

Peter looked at Isaac.  "I just remembered another quirk.  I can smell storms.  I can always tell just before we have a thunderstorm.  I can taste them."

'What do they taste like?"

"Metallic. I can taste it now.  It's about to rain."

At that moment, the heavens opened and rain fell, hard and heavy.  Isaac grabbed Peter's hand and they began to run.  They ran past strangers, each hurrying to their destination.  Isaac pushed Peter into an alley.  He took his wet face in his hands and kissed him.  He kissed him in the street, as the rain fell from the sky, as thunder roared and lightning flashed.  Peter had never felt so alive.

Isaac stepped back and looked at Peter.  "I think you have been waiting for that for a long time.  I would really like to see you again."

"Me too."

Peter smiled and reached to take Isaac's hand.  At that very moment, lightning fell from the sky and struck Peter.  It struck him hard and fast, electrifying his entire body.  Peter was aware of what was happening to him.  He could see Isaac's face.  The horror as he watched Peter vanish, evaporate into the world.  But Peter just smiled.  After all, he had always dreamed...wished for the storm to come and allow him to escape.

*according to the National Lightning Safety Institute, the chances of being struck by lighting are 1 : 280,000

The End

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