Peter's escape

Peter stepped into the busy street.  It was half past six.  People pushed past him as they headed to or from the station.  Peter stood there.  He could leave Isaac waiting.  He could just head home, delate Isaac from his phone and from his life.  He could just carry on hating every moment of every day.  Or he could go and meet Isaac.  He could take this chance and see what happens.

He slowly began to walk to the bar.  He knew of it.  He had even entertained the idea of going in.  But he never had.  He actually always quickened his pace when he went past it.  he didn't want people to see him anywhere near it.  And tonight he was going to go inside.

He pushed through all the commuters and hesitated at the doorway.  He went inside.

It was just like any normal bar.  It was actually quite nice.  There was some music playing in the background and several heads turned to look at him.  He wasn't sure what he expected.  There was a huge cross section of life in this bar; men with beards, in checked shirts, young men with tight white t-shirts and then people more like him, in their suits and ties.  Peter scanned the room.  Isaac wasn't here yet.  He decided to get a drink and find a dark spot to wait in.

He ordered a glass of Pinot and found a table next to a now obsolete cigarette machine.  He sat and waited.  He kept looking at his watch.  Time seemed to drag, like chains locking him into his life.

"Pete.  I wasn't sure you were going to come."

Peter looked up and there stood Isaac.  Tall, confident, handsome Isaac.  

"You managed to escape from the office then.  What you drinking?'  Isaac took the glass from Peter's hand and took a sip.  "Pinot?  Not  bad.  You should have got a bottle."

Peter smiled.  He now had the chance to escape.

The End

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