Peter's decision

Like most important decisions, it wasn't going to be any easy one.  There was the option of staying with his wife, taking another holiday to somewhere obvious, saving for the extension that she felt was needed before they could start a family.  He could stay in his job; his dull, grey job in which he was forever staring out of the 4th floor window.  Or he could call Isaac.  He could pick up the phone and dial the number that Isaac had pressed into his hand on a post it note on the day he left.  How the sheer touch from Isaac had been like a thunder storm, leaving Peter electrified.  How Isaac's stormy eyes had held Peter's as he said 'call me.'

What life did Isaac offer?  A life of adventure?  A life like a storm, sudden and fast.  Was it worth giving up everything he had?  Or would he shy away from this decision?  Would Isaac fade into a what if?  Would he become a memory to regret?  Was he the escape Peter wished for?

His mobile began to vibrate in his pocket, like a second heartbeat.  Had his caution paid off?  Would Isaac be at the other end of the phone?  He looked at the screen and saw the words 'private caller.'


"Hey Pete!  I thought I would ring you as it didn't seem that you were going to call me."

"Isaac...I was just thinking about calling you."

"Really?  What that's good to know.  I thought I was wrong about you.  God  knows I've been wrong before.  Look, I was wondering if you wanted to meet me after work for a quick drink.  It would be great to see you again"

"A drink?  I'm not wife will be expecting me..."

"Pete.  It's only a drink.  It's nothing else.  What do you say?"

Peter paused.  But was it only a drink.  A drink would lead onto a second meeting and then another and then another until the inevitable happened.  Peter made his decision.

"Sure.  Why not.  it's only a drink.  Where do you want to meet?"

"I know this great place next to the station.  It's called 'The Dive Bar'.  I'll see you there at seven?"

'Seven?  I'm normally home by seven.  She'll wonder where I am.

"Then let her wonder.  How often do you do something like this?  Ring her now and tell her you're working late."

Peter's hands were sweaty and his heart was racing.  "Ok, I'll see you at seven."

"Great.  Looking forward to it."  And with that the line went dead.

Peter looked at his watch.  It was nearly five now.  He had better ring his wife. 


The End

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