Peter's wish

Peter's wish was simple.  He wanted to escape.  To escape from his life that had become more like a prison.   He wanted to escape from his house with the hundreds of design catalogues that his wife forced upon him, constantly wanting to improve the kitchen, the bathroom, the garden, then car.  He wanted to escape his wife who had gone from being this sweet, naive girl to this material monster.  He wanted to stop pretending to love her and to set her free from her prison. He wanted to escape his parents who loved him so much but were always a little disappointed in him.  But most of all, he wanted to escape his job.  He wanted to escape from the office on the 4th floor.  To escape from his job filled with statistic, profit margins and accountability.  He wanted to push away the flimsy grey walls of his cubicle and watch the domino effect as cubicle after cubicle came crashing down.  He wanted the lightening to come crashing through the roof, the bullet like rain to take out his colleagues and the thunder to deafen his screams of triumph.  He wanted to be left standing in the debris of his life and to walk away from it, knowing that he could now start again and be with him.  To be with Isaac.  

Isaac was a chance encounter.  A point in his life when it all seemed to make sense.  When the years of doubt and denial had vanished.  Isaac had only been in the office for a week.  A temp who had turned Peter's well ordered life into chaos.  But Peter liked this chaos.  It was like the thunder storm.  It was sudden and heavy and without order.  Isaac had changed everything and now...Peter hated the rain, the sun and his life more than ever.  He only had one wish.  To be with Isaac.

The End

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