You follow the darker petals.

    Not much for nature--it may be fine for hippies and sportsmen, but you prefer the warm indoors and the comfort of a city--you take the more "civilized" path, following the darker petals. Just as you suspected, the pebbles soon turn to friendly-looking cobblestone, which, a good 10 yards later, become the soothing sight of a paved road, though it is too small for cars--a bike path, maybe?

    The dark petals continue down the path, and you diligently follow them. You should probably go home right now and get your errands done, but your curiosity gets the best of you. Why on Earth would someone go to all the trouble of laying these petals down, and in the middle of winter?!

    The petals stop about 10 minutes later, forming a circle. You scowl, for there seems to be nothing special about the circle. Though the road is paved, you're still in the middle of nowhere, no buildings in sight. So what could the petals be trying to tell you?

The End

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