You decide that this would be a good time to turn back and get yourself out of the cold

You turn back to leave this dreary place and find that you've lost all sense of direction. You look up towards the sky and can barely see the sun. You can tell by the pink color of the sky that the sun is setting. The temperature drops increasingly with every passing minute, and you are in a predicament. You can freeze to death trying to find your way out of the thick foliage, or you can sleep in out until morning in the meadow. You decide to take your chances in the meadow. As you step into the clearing you get a cold feeling that makes the hair on your arms stand up and gives you a tingly feeling on your back. You ignore the feeling and go over to the boulder and set up a makeshift bed out of twigs and leaves. As twilight approaches you fall into the comforting presence of sleep. Later you wake up from a noise. You lift your eyelids and find that you are cold and everything is pitch black. You may be half asleep but you're positive something bulky is looming before you in the darkness. Holding as still as possible, you reach inside your coat pocket for that lighter you brought with you. As You are about to grab the lighter, a hoarse voice says

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, you would probably prefer not to see my disfigured being."

The End

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