Pet Peeve Challenge

Every writer must have a pet peeve. Even if someone is out there reading this, they must have a pet peeve. Release you anger out by adding chapters!

      Yes, I have the biggest pet peeve I have to deal with everyday of my life until I'm probably 20 or until I move out. A lot of people call me a negative person, but I just heave a sigh and continue with my life, doing the same old thing everyday. I get up, brush my teeth, change out of my pajamas, eat breakfast, do whatever until lunch, eat lunch, do whatever until dinner, eat dinner, do whatever until my parents are home. And there. Right there is where my pet peeve enters the building.

      It all started when I just just very young. I'm very slender for my age (fast metabolism), and also tall so I sort of "slouch" as my parents tell me. I get good grades (all A's) and they don't say anything until I a get a B+ or lower then they start lecturing me. I do whatever they say. "Sweep the floor." I sweep the floor. "Cook dinner." I cook dinner. "Do your homework." I'm already done with homework before they tell me. I never get a "Good job!" or "Keep going!" or even a smile whenever I do something right. For the past many years, I got used to that, but there is one thing that they still bother me about. My posture.

      "Don't slouch!" My dad walks up to me with big heavy stomps and corrects my posture by pushing my shoulders all the way back and slapping my back. "Why do you always slouch?" he tells me with his Chinese accent.

      I try to resist the sigh the barely manages to escape my mouth and just continue walking with my regular posture. They say it'll harm me in the future. I know that but can't help it. For the entire day, I slouch because of my confidence. You see, at school I don't slouch so much because my friends make me happy. I'm not saying my parents are always a bummer, I'm saying that they don't make me smile like my friends make me do. Is that normal? If they call me a hunchback, then so be it. I'll just keep it bottled up.

      My mom frowns and shows me the correct way to straighten my back, "Like this." she forces her shoulders back. That just made me realize that she doesn't do that all the time. She does slouch too. I only sigh and fix my shoulders half way pulled back. Only one thought came to mind, 'I love my parents, but I just can't wait until I drive.'

The End

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