A critical shocking story about humans' superiority, unwanted guests and caprices.

Yesterday I shot the neighbors' dog.

Since they moved in, their miniature schnauzer didn't stop barking, night and day. Last night I just couldn't take it anymore. I got up, opened the wooden drawer, grabbed my handgun and shot one precise bullet. He wailed for few seconds and then there was silence, finally. Just so you know the idea of doing so didn't come up in my mind only last night. I think it started when I was five. One day I found an army of ants in our kitchen. I set on the floor and observed them closely. I was fascinated by their efficiency, diligence and order. Suddenly my mom walked in and started freaking out, she hectically looked for the pesticide and before I even had the chance to protest she sprayed all over and my new friends were all still. She killed them. Same pattern happened every time I discovered new harmless friends- cockroaches, grasshoppers and dung beetles. I will never forget how I came back from school one day and found my dad "teaching" (that's the word he used) Remy how to swim, in a bucket full of water. I did not understand why mice need to know how to swim, but when I didn't see him any longer chewing the cheese pieces I used to leave for him under my bed, I understood the metaphor my dad used. It took me two weeks until I was willing to forgive him. He set with me over a cup of hot cocoa and chattered something about food chain, circle of life and unwanted guests. I guess I wanted my dad to be proud of me, so from then on I was in charge of dealing with any of those unwanted guests. I became a professional; our house was cleaner than an operation room. I still had some doubts inside me whenever I sprayed, smashed or drowned but when the herons started to nest on the pine trees near our house and the authorities called a hunter to shoot them I found no reason to debate anymore. Food chain, circle of life, unwanted guests.

Now the neighbor screams, I guess she found her annoying schnauzer lying dead. Her voice is so irritating, I can't stand it. I get up and open the wooden drawer.

Then there was silence.   

The End

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