Perspective of A...

This is for school...that's why it's a solo...It's from the POV of something/one, and you're supposed to keep reading on the wrong track of who's talking until the end, when it's a lightbulb moment, much for that 'cause the whole thing's really obvious. Oh well! Enjoy it!

I once had another family. Another mom, dad, aunt, cousin, uncle, other get the point. But then...then there was the wave. It crashed over me, leaving me helpless, as, after a long time, I was about as different as anything can get. And then my old kind started to avoid me, and others, of my new kind accepted me and treated me as one of them. I often spent my days sitting around, being ignored, getting forced deeper and deeper into what I felt was practically the surface of the earth. Each day it got hotter, and pressure became increasingly intense. Eventually, I realized I had undergone yet another transformation. This time, I was the third rock. The third kind. My friend came into my far-down room one day, saw me, and toppled over in shock. Literally. I tried to get her to realize, to understand that this change was normal, that I hadn’t started out as the kind I was when she met me. I had truly been born type-I, not type-S, what she was. And by that time, I was type-M. But my new friend, who had by then become an old one, just slowly backed away, until she finally turned away and high-tailed it, somewhere, anywhere, away from where I was. I left that place, the place of my second friends and people, and wandered until I found, at last, a being that looked more or less the way I now did. The type-Ms, as I had always been taught, were not quite civilized, what the type-Is and type-Ss were reasonably. Maybe this had always been more of a warning than a teaching, so that I wouldn’t be so surprised about the type-Ms character, when I became one. I was sure I’d hate this new kind, but to be honest, I liked them much better than the strict type-Is, or the anti-adventuring type-Ss (although I had felt most at home there, in the place of the type-Ss, strangely, even though that was where I went after my first transformation). Everyone loved me, and there was a party every other night. Also, with all the smiling and laughing in type-M, everyone was distracted, and never once did anyone think about themselves changing again (although I suspect some did change, just no one I knew). Maybe this is why I didn’t realize that I, too, was changing again, slowly getting hotter and hotter, much like the change that occurred when I was changing into type-M. I was now becoming shorter and shorter, until I felt I was nothing at all. Great. I was now officially the worst of all the types, type-M2. My type-M(1) friends nodded their goodbyes, never saying anything, of course, and didn’t act scared when I changed again, just sad. But I never found any more M2s, as I found it difficult to move much. As it was, I wasn’t too far away from the type-Ms, but I couldn’t go back now, being in the shameful state I was in at that time. Being a type-M2 seemed to last forever, until I suddenly felt painfully cold, and, although it took a while, became a type-I, what I had started out as. I was overjoyed, but slightly disappointed that all of my close family members were all type-S, M, or M2, so nothing was the same as it used to be. Except for my sister, who was as argumentative as ever, and had skipped type-S, and gone to type-M as her first change. She was the only family member who was currently in type-I, where I was. You could tell she had missed me, but she always refused to admit it, and probably always will, no matter how many times she and I go through the cycle, through the rock cycle. Through type-I (igneous), type-S (sedimentary), type –M (metamorphic), and type-M2 (magma). Yes, I am a rock. And it’s painfully hard (literally) being one.  

The End

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