a threat

     Jean slid into Andrea’s room so silently that the younger sibling was startled to see her.  She sat up on her bed closing the history book she was only half heartedly trying to study.  Her sister was holding the fairy themed snow globe that usually sat on her dresser.  A remnant of her childhood it tackily clashed with her modern décor of bright colors and funky geometric shaped patterns.

     “What’s up Jean?”  Andrea was glad that her sister had undergone the procedure.  It was nice to have an older sister that automatically increased your popularity by relation rather than having to avoid her in the halls.  She had been so awkward and dorky before.

     Sure they fought a lot now instead of peacefully ignoring each other.  Sometimes they would go out together though and her sister’s new fake ID guaranteed enjoyment.  It was nice to not have to buy her movie tickets because she was too shy to do it herself.  If anyone wanted her testimony the behavior science procedure was the best thing that ever happened to her.

    “I know it has to be hard for you, having me surpass you in popularity so quickly.  If it bothers you, you can blame the procedure.  But I can’t help it now.  This is who I am.”  Andrea’s face became contorted with confusion.  She didn’t mind her sister’s popularity in the slightest and motioned to say so before being interrupted.

     “I noticed you looked through my closet the other day.  I saw you looking at Brent last night.  I want you to know that I’m not threatened.  You can wear my clothes and flirt with my man but you will never replace me.  You will never surpass me. “

     Andrea’s confusion turned to anger and then to fear.  The look in her sister’s eye was sinister.  The brown pigment had a nearly purple hue.

     Jean raised the snow globe in her hand to peer at the fairies dancing inside.  She smiled at the pastel faces before looking back to her sibling.  “If you make life difficult for me Andrea, if you get in my way then I will ruin you.”  The threat was punctuated by the snow globe being upturned.  The glittering flakes fell upside down in the orb.  Then they snowed over Andrea’s dresser and carpet as Jean burst the trinket over the surface.

The End

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