Mrs. Pine poured herself a glass of wine.  The girls were arguing loudly in the living room.  After the few days it took Jeanie to recover the improvement in her personality was immediate.  The girls had started fighting even more aggressively however she welcomed the sibling rivalry with a gentle smile.  Sure it could be grating a times but what could be expected having two strong personalities thriving under her roof.

     The transition in family life was more difficult for her husband.  Mr. Pine simply couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that his eldest daughter was a new, more vibrant person.  He was gone now though on business.  His absence should relieve some of the tension around the house.

     Adjusting to the new Jeanie had been a bit more difficult than her mother had expected.  The first incidence was when she had gone through the halls calling out for dirty laundry and found a pile of clothes outside of Jeanie’s room.

     All the clothes that they had bought together before the procedure lay discarded on the floor.  In preparation for her accrued confidence they had gone shopping.  She had encouraged her daughter to choose items that she wouldn’t be confident enough to wear now but would after the operation.

     Tighter fitting shirts and brighter colored skirts all impeded traffic flow through the narrow hallway.  “Seriously mom I’m not wearing those” her daughter had explained.  “Come on Andrea, we’re going shopping.”

     Under different circumstances the behavior would have been considered disrespectful but to Mrs. Pine it was a sign of improvement.  The clothes were packaged and dropped off at the local charity store.  She didn’t bother returning them; it was a sacrifice she reminded herself.

     Another change was that Jeanie refused to be called by her childhood nickname any longer.  Jeanine Pine now wished to be known as Jean.  Her mother understood the desire for a more mature forename.  Still it was difficult to keep the familiar two syllable identifier from slipping out.  Her father simply refused to call her by the new name.

     Mrs. Pine found her daughter’s reinvention inspiring.  The girl had taken charge of her life.  She had more friends now.  Every evening she was off doing something.  Sometimes even out past curfew.  Jeanie hadn’t said anything but she suspected she might  have a boyfriend.  Her mother had attended her first appointment for Botox treatments earlier that day in the spirit of it all.

     She had made a considerable commission this month.  It wasn’t unreasonable to give herself a little youthful gift.  She was so optimistic that the phone call from the schools administrator hadn’t even shaken her.  The girls had both been truant on multiple occasions.  She’d address the situation at dinner.

The End

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