Personal Narrative

Prompt: Write about a time when you stood up for something you believed in.

Our annoying bus driver, Mrs. Winston, stood up from her seat and yelled so loudly she could be heard as clearly as if she were right in your face, "Now you children get your feet in your seat, sit down, and be quiet!"

"Just look at those clothes she's wearing!" Miranda whispers just loud enough for her victim, Judith, to overhear.

"I know, what a shame, all because her family is extremely poor."Miranda's sidekick, Marcy, replies.

The old, rusty bus was crowded with tired, rowdy teenagers ready to get home for the weekend. I felt sticky with sweat even thought all the windows on the bus were pulled down.

Thunder was suddenly heard in the distance and all the children moaned and groaned at once. Was this going to be the worst Friday on record? Mrs. Winston ordered us to promptly pull up our windows before it started pouring inside our bus. It would be a sauna in the bus it would be as hot as a volcano with lava all around you but of course I'm just overreacting. 

"This is just fantastic, I'm going to get my beautiful hair wet!" Miranda melodramatically complained to Marcy as she pulled up their window.

"Oh, get over yourself already!" shouted one of the seniors that overheard her.

Miranda stuck out her tongue at them and took her seat. They started poking Judith as soon as the bus started moving off the school grounds.

Is this really happening to me? I asked myself as I felt hot, sweaty, stinky, and disgusting breathe going down my already sticky neck. I turned around to see a huge, junior football player, Peter, smiling back at me.

"Will you quit that? It's hot enough in here without your hot air coming my way." I asked him angrily though he knew I wasn't as cranky as I sounded.

"Sure thing, ma'am." Peter replied with a smile and tipped his invisible cowboy hat.

I laughed and turned around. Judith was still being tormented by the Double M's (Miranda & Marcy). Nobody liked hanging out with them, even some pretty, rude girls just like themselves, because I'm guessing they were nastier than the other girls.

"Hey guys, could you possibly stop torturing Judith over there and mind your own business for once?" I asked bravely, wondering if they would start attacking me too on the bus.
The Double M's looked at me with a smirk as they asked me, "What do you care if we mess with Judith?" for the hundredth time.

I've told them to leave Judith alone for the last time. Finally, I'm going to stand up to them instead of crawling under a huge, disgusting rock so they can't get me.

"Come on guys! How would you honestly feel if your family was going through some tough times and you suddenly had to start making some sacrifices for them? Then, to top it all off, on some awful ice cream cone you have some bullies who should know better. You guys should try to make her feel better, but instead you just put her down more to elevate yourselves. So, wouldn't you want someone to be there to help you and not to hurt you?" I asked them loudly enough that Mrs. Winston overheard and was actually smiling at me.

"Well, we never thought about it that way…"Miranda replied looking guilt-ridden for her actions.

"Yeah, we didn't."Marcy chimed in her reply.

"Can you ever forgive us? We are really sorry." They both apologized in unison.

"No, I'm sorry, but I can't forgive you right away because you really made me feel awful about myself. It may take me a while." Judith responded softly and quickly turned her head towards the bus window. 

I suddenly realized there was dead silence on the bus. I hadn't become aware that everyone had paid attention to our conversation. They all started clapping and cheering as we reached the first bus stop.

"I applaud you for continuing to try to help Judith with her bully problem, and in the end, it finally paid off. So, everybody say, 'Hip, Hip, Hooray!'"Peter thanked me and bowed.

"Hip, Hip, Hooray!" cheered the entire bus simultaneously.

The End

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