East coast of Canada

Also her first year away from home she met unsavory characters.

Gregory has a cousin named Nathan who is highly intelligent he is living with a women suffering from a brain stem stroke Catherine Grace Walton.  Nathan Crammer suffered from Schizophrenia and had acquired it at age 17 years old He suffered with the paranoia and rejection of what this disease entailed he was living with Catherine and he had not told her about this disorder he suffered from he always felt like he wasn't good enough He told her he loved her and she lived in an apartment in FRANKFURT Germany. There were 8 tenants and support staff to assist them it was Cam rosé Estates and in this kitchen there was coffee and tea Nathan was allowed to accompany Catherine until a few years ago when management didn't want any interference from Nathan. When Nathan heard this from their financial worker Ms. Yvonne Battledored who they had asked to find this information out. It was said Nathan was interfering in Catherine's care also stopping the staff from entering was against the rules. Also Nathan did not need medication reminders or wake up calls it was also stated no wake up calls for Nathan for his education.  Catherine and Nathan were also told they could move out. Colleen Fox and Jane Sly were adamant on these rules.

 All these situations took their toll on Catherine and Nathan's relationship  Nathan has tried many times to commit suicide the ways are  not relevant the question is fighting the stigma and shame associated with it and setting up programs and services to help families and many consumer's with the disease. The Golden rule is pertinent and it's also part of the charter of human rights treat others as you want to be treated. God in whatever way people view him is the only judge at his time and when he comes back to earth.

Nathan was doing a lot better according to the people at the Crisis Stabilization Unit Nurses  believed that was the situation   so he got to go home earlier instead of June 10 1974 he got to go home and see Catherine this coming Wednesday June 3, 1975.  Penny had suggested a visit to Prince Edward Island from St. Catherine's Ontario. Catherine said I'll talk to him maybe he can take a few weeks off from his veterinarian job. Hope to see you Cathy bye Penny. There had been a lot of destruction just after the Second World War. This included concentration camps. September 10, 1972.  Canada entered the war seven naval vessels in the water around the east coast.


The End

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