her father and what she had to go through

where they mined a Blue John stone which was a beautiful dark blue stone which they made rings, earrings, and necklaces out of. Murphy enjoyed playing with Amber and Cory and Abbey and Lexis. Just at that moment he met his daughter Ashley and son Robbie they enjoyed the farm life and were to alert Mr. Nicholson if the lambs and sheep and other animals would try to escape. Murphy longed to see them soon. Penny and Gregg were going back next year around Labor Day and Penny needed a personal care attendant so she asked Kelly and she agreed to go as long as they both took the four rats in a carrier on board the flight, They all were excited for their next journey which was September 7.1975Upon much contemplation Penny and Gregory decided to hold an auction to support the war in Vietnam where some of the American and British troops have fought there. The veterans are disabled unable to work and suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress disorder. Characteristics of P.T.S.D

(1.) Reliving or experiencing trauma

(2)Attempts to avoid thoughts, situations or people

That are reminders of trauma

(3) Increased anxiety or arousal being constantly on guard for danger, or being startled.

Gregory was doing carpentry work on the side. He had heard that where he bought supplies at hardware store named Fletcher's was having a sale to benefit Timberwolves Corporation who support Habitat for Humanity refit store but this weekend was a week before Remembrance Day 1972 this was wholesale every portion of sales went to restructure for Veterans of Maple Ridge in Prince Edward Island. At some point in his life Greg would like to build Penny and Ronny a log cabin .The sale a 60% of sales raised $1,000.


Gregory and Penny waited 6 months to stay at a log cabin Penny and Gregory found a nice clearing of land off Peyton Trenton Road it was going to be called Misty Lake Chariton LODGE.

The building took five years to complete.

The cost for 3 days was 11.00 a day but it was accessible for wheelchairs and wouldn't have any modified showers or bath or large basin or bin and tubs. This was a luxury for most people in those days.

TODAY'S COSTS ARE 112.00 PER DAY Equals' $136.00.0 as of 2015(112.00 for 3 days). The pathway to the dining hall which was called Seasons of the Lake Ridge accessible living for everyone who is mentally or physically disabled. For the most part you have to bring your own water and don't have the modern connivances that disabled people need. All disabled people are not the same and they don't want to do everything the same as the next person.

Penny was impressionable and naïve she tended to trust peoples motives one evening she took a ride home from 2 guys who were from the holy river springs Church and they gave her a pill and beat her up in her own apartment she regrets that going to Pentecostal and some fundamental churches because she couldn't take being raped

When she was 20 years old she blamed herself. She tried to commit suicide it was years before she met someone she could trust. But then came Gregory somebody Penny cherishes. After four months

Of living with her sister and getting counseling she is on her

Way to a normal life at age 14 Penny was molested by her dad's friend when he drank.

The End

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