Personal Criticism Chapters 17-25

In these chapters a lot of realization has happened. From Julia realizing her guilt for Gabby, to Julia starting to realize more about herself. In one of the chapters Julia's naivety is broken down a little more as she realized she had been used at a party. In one of the other chapters she starts to realize some feelings she's had for someone after running of with him for a while. She also begins to look at herself by a critical lense as she sees that this is the time in her life where most of

   A major theme that is revealing itself is that you should enjoy your life as much as you can, for there might not be much of it left.  This theme doesn't come out in just one quote but comes out with the mood of the book overall towards the end. The reader can easily pick up on this when in chapter 24 Josh says "We're all going to be dead in a year or two ,anyways" It also gives off a feeling of people giving up on the world and enjoying what they have left.

     With the slowing changing almost everything in their life it has made people much more nervous, and by side effect even more impulsive because they are scared what might happen in the near future, driving them to want to do what they can before it all "ends". Unfortunatly this has caused a lot of people to damage themselves and those around them.

     The main conflict has seemed to make the main characters ideologies change, she says that she's picked up believing in omens. She also has become more grown up in a mental sense. She has definatly become less naive but has retained some of her childlike innocence. Although it has definatly affected a characters mental state negatively in the case of Gabby.


The End

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