I used to love to run and skip and play. But, I fear, I cannot any more. For I tried to stall a goddess from her mission, and i was punished dearly. I used to love to talk. I would talk to anyone. I always had the last word. Now, that is all I have. I can no longer begin. I must reply what my companion states.

One day, in the woods, I saw the most gorgeous man ever. He appeared to be lost. Oh, how I longed to attempt to entice him. But all I could do is mimic him. "Who's here?" he called. "Here." I replied.



"Let us join together." he called. I could not do much but copy him and hasten to the meeting point. I flung my arms around his neck, overjoyed that he found each other. He pushed me away and told me he would rather die die then have me. All I could do is reply, "Have me."

I wouldnt have said it. but I couldnt help but hope. Now, I stay away from all. I am still here, but no one can find me. Not that they looked very hard.

You may say I am foolish, but I was not alone in love with Narcissus. Another maiden fell for him as well. When he spited her as well, she uttered a curse. That he may one day feel the hopelessness of love unrequited.

The revenge goddess heard and granted the evil intention. The youth was one day walking home from a hunt. There has not been a day, that I have not followed my beloved. He rested at a simple stream. As he lowered his head to drink from the water, he saw what appeared to be a water nymph. He gazed at the perfect symetry of his reflection. Without noticing, his thirst faded. He was falling in love with his own face. Just like so many before him.

Slowly, Narcissus faded away. Just like his rejection had done to me. Every time he would reach out for the nymph, it would shimmer in the light and disappear. When his body finally gave out from neglect, all of the nymphs cried out with pain. When we pulled ourselves together enough to prepare his beautiful body for burial, it was gone. The only thing we could find were a new kind of flower. We gathered that this was him now.

Even the flower was in love. It leaned out over the bank to look at its reflection. I am still here, pining for my love. I am still lonely. I will answer anyone that speaks loud enough.

The End

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