I wait, on this island, waiting for some one special. People hardly come, mortal or unmortal, and usually all the company I have is from my plants and my lonely island of Ogygia.

My father holds up the sky, and sometimes, I look up at it from my island, and think about him. I think about my imprisonment, my punishment, the harsh and almost unbearable fate inflicted on me, simply beacause I loved him with as strong a daughterly love that every girl has for their father. I think about how I've been confined to Ogygia, to spend an eternity almost isolated, simply because I supported my father in his struggle, for attempting to help him through his cause.

Often I wonder, Should I have supported him? If I hadn't, then I wouldn't be confined on this far away island, I would probably be living a free life, be able to interact with other beings regularly, be an ordinary girl. I wouldn't have only myself to talk to, I could spread the happiness a garden brings. It was no point supporting him, anyway. He still lost the battle, and was subjected to a torture even worse than mine, carrying the sky on his shoulders, day after day. Yes, I think sometimes, I should have thought rationally, and supported the gods instead of gone against them. On the other hand, I sometimes think the contrary. I was right to support him, it was my right as his loving daughter, and if I hadn't supported him, I would have been tormented for life, thinking about what would have happened if I had, if, maybe, he would have been succesful.

I spend the whole time gardening, planting my flowers and trees, giving them the best care I can, since they are the only things I can take care of. The only time I got to take care of someone else was when Hercules came by.

Oh, those days were wonderful. I had Hercules for company, my first company in an eternity it seemed. He was such a brave person, so admirable. The Gods had decided that, if someone came to my island, I could ask him to stay, and if he wanted to, he could. Hercules was just the person I wanted to stay with me. I found myself in love with him before our days together were over, and those few days were the best in my life so far. I asked him to stay, but he declined. I was crushed.

Unable to bear the torture of staying confined to my lonely island without company, especially without Hercules' company, I attempted to end my suffering by ending the life I was cursed with. However, the immortality I also possesed prevented me, and I am still trapped, almost forgotten, on my island. Every once in a while, thankfully, a god will drop by, and I get someone to talk to, but until the next visit, I tend to my garden, as I will for all eternity.

The End

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