The Nightmare

I knew it was the same dream when it started with the endless blackness. I’m lying on nothingness, I see nothingness. And then the same disturbing, comforting, low voice comes back.

“Normality is conformity my dear…” The voice purrs in my ear. Its frozen hands clamp like a vice on my arms. It thrusts its rock hard nails into my skin. I yelp, even though it doesn’t hurt. I can feel blood running out the punctures, as it pushes its nails further in my arm.

“Acceptance is obedience my love…” It mocks, its blistering hot lips grazing against my cheek, the skin sizzling. I begin to resist against it like every other time. And like every other time, the creature presses its weight against me, like it’s lying on top of me. I can hear its heavy breathing and its light chuckling.

“Hatred is sacred in our world…” And with that, it bites into my cheek, like a hot knife through butter; its razor-sharp teeth bite right through, ripping the chunk of flesh off my face as I scream. It giggles. It cackles. Then it howls with laughter.

The End

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