23 year-old Chloe Berg, a laid-back borderline psychotic, has stolen seven red diamonds worth $ 14 million and an antique vase from her father. She has only her high school friend, Noah McKinley and a green convertible - but her mind has so much more. Setting out on a thrilling journey through Europe, Chloe may just back away from that line between sanity and insanity or she might just tumble over the edge - right into the delusions that have haunted and freed her ever since she was sixteen.

Chloe Berg had learned a long time ago that listening to Eurythmics with Noah McKinley within hearing range was never a good idea - especially if he was conscious, energetic and ready to b*tch. But here she was, blasting music on her car stereo as if her life depended on it. The wind whipped through her hair and she felt an uncontrollable thrill run through her. She was in a sickly, olive green convertible - her sister's - driving across Europe with no sense of purpose, yet at the same time, with the clearest destination in her mind. Nowhere and everywhere.

'Chloe...' Noah droned but she only heard a distinct buzzing.

She merely wondered if he had slipped Ecstasy into her morning coffee but there were several other explanations for why she was so excited. There was an antique vase in the back, a cat in her lap and a yellow silk pouch sewed into her jacket. Damn, life's good, she thought blissfully, glancing wistfully over at Noah.

She was met with an annoyed face, arranged into a scowl even though she was grinning blissfully. The wind whipped through his hair as Chloe stepped on the accelerator and she glanced teasingly at him. 'The road, Chloedear.' he gave an exaggerated eye-roll.

But as he looked away, she saw the lift at the corner of his mouth and she just knew. They were set. They were free. They were fleeing through Europe with a bag of red diamonds, worth millions. She knew how it ended in movies. A suave, highly intelligent policeman would ensnare them and they would be shot to death.

But speeding through European roads, surrounded by the intoxicating scent of pine with Annie Lennox's dreamy notes drifting from the stereo, death seemed impossible. There was only her, the droning in her head from not being able to sleep and the faint taste of Perrier-Jouet Champagne on her tongue. Nothing could stop her. No one could catch her. She felt more powerful than she ever had.

Chloe could plow into the trees and kill them both. Chloe could stop the car, twist around in her seat and kiss the living daylights out of Noah. Or she could kill him. So many options, so little time. But for now, she would entertain herself. She could have that little taste of freedom and wealth that she had always wanted back in her ran-down house in Chicago. Here, there was no need for a gun in her purse or abstinence or hesitation. Here, winding through the trees with only one more person around her, there was nothing and everything.

The End

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