A little self reflectionMature

Chapter Thirty-five: Towa
Word Count: 435

“You. Thought you were emotionless before,” I said to Rhys as we were walking towards the pharmacy, as we walked I watched him from the corner of my eye, he seemed alert or just now ignoring me which was fine for now.

As we walked my mind drifted back to just an hour or so ago at the blood bank, just as the power went out. I was about to say something witty to Rhys, but I just could not remember what at the time since when the power went out we got jumped. Well I say we, more I did.

There were three of them, well I only saw two they came out the shadows just as we busted the lock to the room full of the blood. They took one look at Rhys and dismissed him instantly thinking I was his pet. Well they were clearly wrong when he tried to command them to leave us be, the third must have been lurking near by sneaked right up to me and jumped on my back.

The damn thing tried to bite me...but if it wasn’t for Rhys pulling the creature of me I would have been bitten. Of course the other two didn’t like their friend from being man handled by another so they tried to jump in, but being the great person I had to step in and beat a couple of junky vampire heads in.

I give a little chuckle at this, resulting in a weird look from Rhys.

“Rhys was it?” I ask as we walk closer to the pharmacy, I got another slightly weird look as if I shouldn’t be saying anything right now. “look...I just need to let you know. I don’t trust you and I don’t trust the other fangs we have in our group” he started to say something but I quickly shut him up before continuing to speak “but I trust you a lot more then the rest, and that’s a lot coming from me at this time where I’m a junkies best meal” we stop a corner away from the pharmacy as he just stands there staring at me.

“I just want to say...thank you again I guess back at the blood bank, not all fangs are that bad” I give small smile trying my best to be friendly but probably not working as well I hope for.

“Ah, screw it..I'm not good at this. Shall we just do this....?” I say as I slowly walk around the corner and right for the pharmacy.

The End

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