Chapter Thirty-four: Julian
Rhys then Dani
Word Count: 1225

I shook my head as Whisper left the room and headed to the kitchen. Glancing out the window to see the same murky darkness. This place was still too close to the city, we needed to head into the countryside to have a better hope of escape.
“We need to get further away,” Towa said, echoing my thoughts. I nodded mutely and took the bag he'd dumped on the table. He'd been less than happy to help with the stealing of blood, but obviously understood it's necessity. Whisper little speech kept floating to the forefront of my thoughts as I packed some of blood in the fridge, grateful to see there was a cooler. That would make moving from here easier.
“Thanks for before,” Towa said, somewhat gruffly. Guess he didn't like the idea of be indebted to a vampire. A royal one at that. I was always aware others held a certain dislike for royals but this was proving to be a colder reception than I expected. Not that it was all that different from back home. Royals didn't get given everything, they fought for it with social politics. Honestly I'd rather kill one than attempt to understand how it worked.
“You're welcome,” I replied off-handedly. It was a fairly mutual effort from what I could recall.

Things should've gone simply, afterall why would the vampires be interested in the donated blood when they just stole themselves hordes of humans? The place had smelled of disinfectant and other sharp chemical smells, finding the huge refrigerator where the blood was stored was easy enough. I figured it would be a good idea to get more than just one type. Not that I was one to hold a preference, blood was blood. But I didn't know about the others. Then the power cut off, which would've been a reasonable thing to occur. But Towa got rather spooked. Claiming we weren't alone. I would've shouted at him for being useless if I hadn't heard footsteps myself. The battle had been over pretty quickly. But Towa had come close to being bitten, something I intervened and stopped. I didn't need him to have more reason to hate vampires.
“Are you sure we lost them?” he asked, talking about the two who had managed to get away.

“I doubt it,” I replied. If he didn't sense them and I didn't, we were most likely safe.
We went into the living room where Whisper fixed him with an open glare. The male human was reading and still struggling with his unsettled nerves.
“Where's the girl and other vampire?” I asked.
“The vampire is called Danny, and the girl is called Danelle,” Whisper replied sharply, bristling.
“Answer the question,” I said, I was aware of their names, I chose not to speak them.
“Danny's gone to get Danelle, she had to go to the pharmacy for something,” Whisper said, her eyes returning to the window.
“What?” I asked quietly. Bob looked up from his reading and seemed happy to leave the room quickly.

“I said-” Whisper began, turning to face me but I cut her off.
“Are you all stupid, or did you forget there are thousands of vampires out there just waiting for some lone human to walk into their path!” I yelled. Surprising myself at my own ferocity. Whisper stared at me in surprise and walked away.
“Let's go,” I said to Towa.
“You look after the other one,” I said to Whisper, aware she could hear the command through the walls.
“Well, that's new,” Towa said as we walked down the street, towards the high street.
“What is?” I asked, not really caring.
“You. Thought you were emotionless before,” He explained with a short laugh. I couldn't really think what to say to that and so continued walking. Keeping my sense alert.


“Where did you come from?” He added. I fixed him with careful eyes, trying to figure out his game, but he didn't seem interested in hurting me.
“Ermm, I'm travelling with people. Including vampires. So if you hurt me they'll get you...” I trailed off uncertainly. Because in all honesty, I had no clue if they really would.
“Oh,” He said. He reached up his sleeve and wiped the blood from his mouth, suddenly self-conscious of his appearance.
“I should probably go back to them now...nice to meet you...” I trailed off again, because I didn't know his name. Then somewhat cautiously turned to leave. Shouting at myself not to run.
“It's Julian,” His voice stopped me and I sent his a cursory glance over my shoulder.
“My name,” He reinforced.
“Right, Dani,” I replied, then returned to walking away.
“Do you mind if I tag along with your group?” He asked, this time I sent him an outright confused look.

“Don't take this the wrong way,” I started, “But you don't look like the good type of vampire,” I said. Gesturing to the bodies and his bloodied sleeve as evidence.
“Well, I want to change that,” He said, hiding his sleeve and looking ashamed. If this was some kind of game he was playing with me it was twisted. Unless he wanted to get Bob as well.
“Okay,” I replied and turned to leave. I heard his soft footfalls follow. I got onto the street and ran head first into Danny.
“Ow,” I yelped and backed away into Julian chest. I hadn't meant to flinch away and saw the hurt that crossed Julian face due to it. I wasn't going to feel guilty. This guy had obviously killed his fair share.
“You got a friend?” Danny said. Nostrils flaring enough to tell me he could smell the human blood on him.
“I'm Julia-”

“We don't care about your name, you're newly turned,” Rhys voice cut him off harshly. What was this? A gang-up session? Oh wait, Rhys was here. I had a feeling from his expression he'd shout at me later.
“But I want to-”
“I'm sure you want to turn good and stop hurting humans and all that usual stuff. But I don't have the time, nor the willingness to take the risk to teach some whelp control,” Rhys replied. Julian's eyes narrowed slightly at the insult.
“Then I'll do it,” I relied. His deadpan look told me what he thought of that.
“Why not? I'm human, so being around me teach him control. All you need to do is make sure he drinks the blood you got,” I said angrily.

“And if he bites you? Still want to teach him control?” Rhys asked. I hedged a little, would I want to stay near him if that happened?
“Clearly Rhys has no patience. Not that I don't see his point, but if Dani wants to take the risk, let her. At least we get added strength to our numbers out of it,” Danny cut in. Rhys clearly disagreed with the idea of it being any kind of benefit. But kept quiet none the less.
“Get back to the house, then we're moving on. We need to get as far away from the city as possible,” Rhys said. I wasn't going to disagree with the statement anytime soon. I shivered at the memory of Aldrich.

The End

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