Chapter thirty-two: Daze
Word count: 475

Everything was a little fuzzy. Had been for the past several days. All I could remember was getting to New York, and then, I hunted one girl for hours. She was a complete stranger when I met her, and told her to run, but by the time her energy was completely drained, I knew her very well.

I had toyed with her, worse than a cat with a mouse. I let her run, nearly caught up but faltered slightly so she continued to dash through the streets. This continued for a while, then she started to get tired. The lead when I faked falling behind no longer gave her energy, and her steps became dogged, leaden. I stopped running myself, just smiling as I walked behind her, she started to scream every time she looked behind her, as she ran through alleyways and wide, empty streets.

Luck was with her, we encountered no other vampires.

Luck was with me, we encountered no other humans.

I caught up to her once as she leaned against a wall to rest. I put my hands on either side of her head and looked at the fear in her eyes, and the hunter inside me grinned a terrible grin, and I leaned in to drain her of her blood, when she screamed a loud long scream, directly in my ear. I bit her less gently than I planned, draining her quickly so her scream would stop.

That day, I learned I hated the screaming.

After that, I played the hunting game slightly differently. I'd follow them as I had with the girl, but once they began to scream, I silenced them and drank my fill.
Besides the hunt, nothing mattered to me anymore.

I'd followed my last victim into this drug store. Maybe they thought the scent of the medicine would throw me off, there was a body in the front room that distracted me for a moment, but but I caught them, knocked them out cold and drained them, just as they nearly let out a scream. I stood up from the dead human, to see another human standing in the doorway.

She was pretty, with freckles across her nose, and long dirty blonde hair. It was clean, and well combed, which made me assume she had a safehouse somewhere, probably close by.

"What?" She folded her arms protectively across her chest.

I struggled for words, to speak, but nothing came. My mind was blank. I hadnt had a proper conversation with someone since before I'd changed.

"Jesus, say something, otherwise I will scream,” she pressed. I cringed a bit, please dont scream.

"Hi." It just came out of my mouth, it sounded horribly awkward, completely the wrong thing to say. "Where did you come from?" I finished, trying to mend the awkward greeting.

The End

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