Forgetting to ScreamMature

Chapter thirty-one: Forgetting to Scream
Word count: 686

“I need to go out!” I announced, standing up with a determined expression. I kind of thought an apocalypse would be more exciting than lying around bored. I knew Rhys had left to go to the nearest hospital. I had a feeling I knew what he was getting from there. For whatever reason he'd dragged Towa with him. Maybe to give Whisper a break, because she clearly hated him.

“Not alone you aren't,” Danny murmured from where he was cradling a book in his lap on the sofa.

“I just need to get some stuff from the pharmacy, which is round the corner. If I scream, you'll hear and come to the rescue,” I said with the most forced sweet smile I could pull off. He gave me scrutinising look before sighing himself.

“Fine, but you better scream. Or Rhys'll have my neck,” Danny grumbled out.

“Thanks!” I yelled, throwing my arms around him for a split second then running for the door. The moment actual air hit me I felt relieved. It was quite windy today though so I tried to find the pharmacy pretty quickly. Just as I'd told Danny it was round the corner. A small thing with the normal medicines on shelves and then behind the counter was all the prescription stuff. I quickly lifted the counter to get in. If this whole thing meant running lots, I really couldn't afford feeling weak and tired a lot. Which is what would be happening if I didn't find the damn iron tablets.

My search froze as I heard something. The shuffle sounded a lot like a struggle and was coming from one of the back offices. Danny told me to scream, but I could be wrong. And then he'd definitely never let me leave the damn house.
I peeked round the corner and into the office and almost gave myself away. I covered my mouth and nose so the smell wasn't as strong. At least a rotting body meant there couldn't be anything around. I hurried back to the prescription shelves and found what I was looking for. Then I heard a loud bang and what sounded like a quickly covered yell.

I shoved the tablets in my hoodie pocket and raced into the first office, ignoring the body as I walked through. There was a corridor with a room at the end and another off to the side. My eyes blinked from one to the other. If I went into either and found nothing I was effectively cutting off any escape route in theory. I didn't like that plan, and I knew Danny would be angry if I was late back. I turned to leave and saw the way out blocked. The guy towered over me with sandy hair falling into his green eyes. There was blood dripping from the side of his mouth that told e what I had already guessed.

“Another vampire, though I’m guessing you have no interest in joining us with the fresh blood and all,” I said, trying to keep my voice calm. I remember what Rhys had told me to do if I ever ran into a vampire on my own. The gist of it was never run. But it was hard not to when my adrenaline was going through the roof. The guy studied me curiously.

“What?” I asked, crossing my arms and meet him steadily. I didn't like his silent act, because it meant he was thinking. And the temptation to run was getting bigger. At this distance was there even any point in screaming?

I somehow imagine he'd kill me before Danny could get half-way. I just couldn't stop running into the dangerous kind of vampires could I? Though this guy didn't feel the slightest bit like Aldrich. If anything there was something a little lonely in his eyes. 

“Jesus, say something, otherwise I will scream,” I said, surprised at my ability to remain calm. He looked a little taken aback.

“Hi,” He said awkwardly. And I swear he looked embarrassed or something.

The End

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