More new facesMature

Chapter thirty: More new faces
Word count: 510

I was more relaxed with the lycan gone. He'd gone out with one of the humans. Danny was watching me carefully, and had been ever since he'd brought Towa home with him, like some lost puppy. He was afraid that I was going to flip and attack. He was afraid that I'd shatter the little bubble of peace we had.

The girl, Dani, was reading a book in one of the armchairs, completely relaxed about the fact that she was surrounded by potentially dangerous people. Speaking of potentially dangerous, Towa came into the room, Bob not far behind and yet more people! At least they were vampires and not more lycans. That I wouldn't have been able to handle.

"We found them in the city, said they needed a place to stay," Towa said to Danny, trying to ignore my vicious glare.

I glanced at the vampires behind Towa. A man and woman. The man had short black hair and pale brown eyes. He seemed about Danny's height. The woman looked to be about sixteen but that didn't actually give any indication to her real age. Her amber eyes shone bright like fire and her short curly hair seemed to lick at her face like flames.

Danny raised an eyebrow at Towa. "And? Show them to the empty bedrooms upstairs."

Towa nodded and did as he was told. I knew that Danny and Towa had spoken about me. The lycan must have promised to keep out of my way, because he was doing exactly that. Danny only ever mentioned Towa when it was absolutely necessary. I was glad, but slightly annoyed that Danny hadn't told me about it.

Bob walked through to the kitchen and Towa led the two vampires upstairs. I saw Danny's eyes shoot to me when I relaxed.

"I'm doing my best," I snapped at him.

He smiled slightly. "I know you are. And thank you; I don't need anymore hassle from Rhys."

I tried to hide my smile but obviously failed. Danny's own smile widened in response. I remembered our conversation last night about Rhys. Danny had called him a major control freak, along with a few other more interesting words...

Danny went back to reading his first edition of The Origin of Species, trying to push away his smile. He absolutely adored that book and always had, as far as I could remember. He used to read it to me as a bedtime story. It was certainly boring enough to send me to sleep, but then again, I'd never been torn away from doing a degree in biology at university. Danny had never told me much about his human life.

The woman that Towa had brought back entered the room, her friend not far behind. He must be her sire, the way he's protecting her like that. They sat down together on one of the sofas.

"Thank you for letting us stay," she said. "I'm Arisa and this is Nicholas."

I narrowed my eyes; I certainly didn't like the way she was looking at Danny.

The End

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