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Chapter twenty-nine


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Arisa's heart beat hard in her chest. The look in that man's eyes when he saw her flames, it gave her chills. What if he decided she would make a good prize? Like every other psycho she had ever met.

"Arisa, lets get back to the car, find some where to rest." Nicholas took hold of her wrist. She knew it was to settle himself more than for her. She knew it.

"There is no where safe here, Nicholas. Let's just go home..." She just wanted to sink back into her giant bed, turn on some music and melt into her little piece of heaven. This place was too dark, to destructive.  "We can be safe there."

"There is no safety at home, you know that as well as I do."

"Then what are we going to do? All of our kind just want to kill, to feed. We can't exactly go up against an army just to save a few bodies full of blood...."

"We have to try, my dear. We have to try...."

Arisa sighed. "And where are we going to go? I need to feed, its been too long and the fire works didn't exactly help..."

"There has to be something around here some where..." He looked around with unseeing eyes.

"Its hopeless, Nicholas.... We are doomed here." Tears escaped down her cheeks. It had been so long since she had cried last.

"Come on, dear." He started walking down the street, his hands in his pockets.

Arisa followed in silence. Why had they come here? This had not been a good idea. They would never find what they needed here.

All the humans back home had either been killed, captured or escaped almost as soon as the sun went black. There was no surviving there. All the blood was gone, the other vampires had taken over. There was no where left for them.

Nicholas let out a hiss, pushing Arisa into an ally way. "Stay down and stay quiet."

Next thing she heard was a deep growl.

"I don't want to cause any trouble...." Nicholas said calmly.

"If that were true you wouldn't be here." Arisa didn't recognize the rich, dark scent, but it was delicious. It made her throat burn.

"I'm just passing through."

"And what about the other one?" The man snapped.

"She is no trouble."

"What is this?" Another deep voice. A heave accent.

"Nothing. We are simply passing through."

Arisa looked over Nicholas' shoulder, her curiosity getting the best of her. Both men were handsome, drool worthy in her opinion. The shorter one was definately human, but the tall blue eyed one was different. She could sense it.


"I told you to stay back." He growled.


"I said stay back!" He snapped, those blind eyes burning.

"Leave the girl alone..." The human gripped the handle of his weapon.

"Shut it, Human." Nicholas stood tall, baring long vicious fangs.

Arisa frowned, pushing her sire aside. "No need for a show, Nicholas." She smiled sweetly at the men. "Hello, I am Arisa. Ignore Nicholas, he is just protective."

The human stiffened, his mismatched eyes sharp. "Do you need assistance?"

"Me? No." Arisa laughed. We are just travelers looking for a safe place to rest and some supplies." She smiled again, sure to keep her throbbing fangs from being seen. She would have more luck if he did not know what she was.

"Try else where..." The taller man growled, turning away. "Come on, lets go."

"But... we can't just leave her with him.... can we?" The human hissed, looking out of the corner of his eye at her.

Those blue eyes locked on Arisa's amber ones. "She will be fine..."

"Please.... we need help..." Arisa dropped her happy look, letting her shoulders fall. She wasn't going to lie. They did need help. Nicholas was stupid for acting this way.


"Shut it, Nicholas." She snapped. Flashing just the tips of her fangs, she gave them a sad smile. "We need a place to stay. Just for a night? We don't feed from humans. I'm weak and he is blind... We can find our own supplies.... Just a safe place? Please...."

The human smiled. "What is your name?"

"I am Arisa. He is Nicholas." She smiled sweetly, brushing her hair away from her eyes.

"Arisa, I am Bob. We will help you all that we can."

"I said-"

"Shut it. They need help." Bob cut off the other man. "Come..."

Arisa smiled and fell into step beside the human, Nicholas right behind her, obviously not happy.

And he wasn't alone. Arisa felt the tension rolling off the second man's shoulders as surely as if it was water.

Well.... this is fun...

The End

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