Thoughts of a KillerMature

Chapter Twenty-eight: Thoughts of a Killer

Word Count: 549

I glanced over the carnage from a nearby rooftops. The smell of blood was so thick in the air, my gums were throbbing even though I'd had more than my fill. Though, I thought with a grin, it wasn't like I was one to refuse a feast. I jumped and landed on the ground on all fours and sensed a human instantly. They'd done well to survive in the midst of this. It almost felt worthy of rewarding. But I was in no mood to create another follower. I walked past the vampires feeding. Some enjoying more than just blood from the hapless victim of theirs. I tried not to throw up at that. Humans were food, that was that. I would never lower myself to be with one in any sense.

It was wrong on so many levels. Even lycans were mildly better in those terms. I personally didn't par take in the venture of highs. But I know for some stealing the beast for breeding has proved very profitable. Some vampires pay a lot to spend a few minutes alone with a weak lycan, chained down with silver.
“Did you hear? They got some pretty vampire trapped. Just some blind dude to protect her!” I felt my fists clench. Attacking a human in a such way was one thing, but someone of our kind should be treated with complete respect. Unless they were useless fools like these guys clearly were. If I'd had it my way I would've been far more selective, but I was ordered to just turn. Luckily in their frenzy we still managed to keep ten or so cranes of people alive. They will live. Unless they tried to fight back too much. They would breed, take turns in being fed on. We will finally gain control of this world and humans will have no choice but to become our complete slaves. The way it should be.

A scream reached my ears and I knew it was the vampire girl. Why should I care so much? But I did, it pissed me off. I ignored the trail of the human to follow the sound.
“What do you think you're doing, idiots?” I asked, they all turned to look at me. Including the girl surrounded completely by flames.
“Oh my, your quite the powerful one,” I said and she glared at me.
“Call your dogs off,” Her companion said. The blind one I assumed.
“I don't listen to anyones commands but my own. Lucky for you we need to be elsewhere. Otherwise I would rip out your throats myself,” I said. Letting my evil grin take over my features. I saw the others look unhappy with this.
“But-” The defying whelp didn't live to finish the sentence.

“Any other complaints?” I asked, holding the ripped off head in my hands. A dozen chalky white faces remained silent.
“Thought so,” I murmured. I walked away, and I knew they had followed. That girl and her companion had long fled. Not that I cared about such things. Had I been hungrier or pissed off, I would've relished in killing them. Been a while since I'd had a decent fight. And that girl made of flames could prove very interesting indeed.

The End

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