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Chapter Twenty-Six: Road Trip
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I winced as the door slammed.

“Right, should've known a royal would run at the first sign of trouble,” The other vampire sighed. I watched him cautiously as he tapped at his phone, texting someone I assumed. He glanced up and met my eyes and I turned away quickly. How were you meant to act around a vampire?!

“My name's Daniel, but you can call me Danny. The guy that stormed out was Rhys. What's your name?” He asked, returning his phone to his pocket. He tried to act human, I could tell by the slight jerk in his movements. Rhys had been the opposite, not that I'd known either of them long. But Rhys didn't try to hide how liquid his motions were, neither did Aldrich thinking back.

“Danelle, but you can call me Dani,” I replied. Laughing awkwardly at my own bad joke. He joined in, but I could tell it was forced.

“So...the others...” Why was I asking? I already knew the answer, “Are they all-.”

“Dead? Yes,” Danny finished for me. I gulped and told my eyes not to open the floodgates as my vision shimmered. I closed my eyes and held them shut for a few seconds. When I re-opened them my vision was back to normal. The door hit the wall like a gunshot and I saw Danny tense until we saw who it was.

“Erm, hi there,” The man said, shifted from one foot to the other. He had a strong accent that suggested English wasn't his first language. He also had a big axe, which he raised once he caught sight of Danny.

“Calm your heartbeat down already. I have a bad enough headache as it is,” Danny said. The man looked unsure before hesitantly lowering the weapon.
“I'm Bob,” He said after a few seconds.

“Dani, Danny.” I said, pointing to me and Danny respectively. Bob nodded before collapsing onto the worn-in sofa against the wall. He gestured to the remote.

“Think the TV will work?” he asked, a small chuckle leaving his lips. If only, then maybe I could fool myself into thinking something about the world was normal. Though if mobiles work, why not the TV? I sat down at the other end of the sofa - No offence to the guy, but I still didn't know him that well – and grabbed the remote. Instantly I got the news and all the various images will it. I flicked through and every channel it was news. The words they said all blurred together, they were all saying the same thing at the end of the day. That the world was in utter chaos.

“Kak,” Bob muttered. I would've asked for the English translation but I could kind of guess what it was.

“So much for relying on the government,” I said bitterly. Danny snorted.

“I make it a general rule to never rely on people in power, they tend to be the first to run away. Like Rhys back there,” He said.

“Whoever said I was running away?” Danny seemed genuinely shocked to see Rhys standing in the doorway. Rhys glanced at the TV for split second before moving onto Bob.

“Well, at least there's one more human,” He said. I saw Bob reaching nervously for his axe. I didn't blame him. There was something more intimidating about Rhys. Red eyes were kind of creepy. Another guy joined Rhys in the doorway and glanced around warily. Compared to the new guy Rhys kind of looked like a gnome. I forced myself not to giggle at that thought. Suddenly Rhys was less scary in my mind. Rhys walked into the kitchen and I heard the tap running. It was now that I realised his hands and face were splattered with blood. But nothing compared to the new guy, who's cloths were practically soaked in the stuff.

“Does this place have a washer?” he asked as he noticed what I was starring at. I nodded mutely. He walked off into one of the back rooms. I figured he was searching for cloths to put on while his blood-stained ones washed.

“Who's the new person?” I asked as Rhys came back into the room. He shrugged.

“Didn't ask his name,” He replied. Failing to suppress a yawn. I half-expected to see fangs but there were none. Guess it makes sense that they can hide them. Explains why they were able to hide so well for so long.

“That was clever, did you even bother to find out if he cared about saving humans?” Danny asked, not bothering to hide his annoyance from his tone. Rhys turned slitted eyes his way and didn't speak. Guess he didn't feel like he had to explain himself.

“Of course I want to protect humans. I don't want to take over the world like some,” He paused to send Rhys a obvious glare which Rhys shrugged away.

“The royals don't want to rule, we merely want to ensure there's a world worth ruling left,” He replied. Both the new guy and Danny didn't look very convinced.

“Who are you?” I asked, because I didn't want to keep thinking of him as “New Guy”.

“Towa, What's your-.”

“Are we staying coped up here or going?!” Bob interrupted him, he seemed very on edge. I guess he didn't like being surrounded by vampires. I was kind of glad Towa was around. It meant the humans outnumbered the vampires. Though technically that counted for nothing since vampires were a lot more powerful.

“Going, but we need to stop at some point to grab,” Rhys said. I had a feeling his definition of supplies was different from mine. I hoped he meant a blood bank.

“So, road trip time?” I suggested, forcing positivity into my voice that I really didn't feel.

The End

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