Oh, BotherMature

Chapter Twenty-five: Oh, Bother
Word Count: 772

“Let go.” I really didn't have time to put up with some mutt.

“Bite me fangs!” He snarled back, one of his hands morphing slightly into claws. I merely raised an eyebrow before sighing.

“I have no interest in your blood, lycan.” failing to suppress the urge to roll my eyes. As if I needed to lose myself in some silly high. Maybe other vampires were happy to do that, but I preferred to be in control of my actions. Now that I'd had no choice but to look at him I noticed he was familiar. I opened my mouth to ask him if he was the lycan I'd seen half-naked earlier but loud footsteps stopped me.

“Friends of yours coming?” He asked, his grip on my collar tightening. Five vampires rounded the corner, four of which were high as a kite. The other one seemed to have sobered up. From the looks of it he wasn't enjoying the withdrawal and was desperate to get his hands on the lycan. Crazed vampires nearby weren't good. If they caught the girls scent, then the only human I'd managed to rescue in this godforsaken place was dead. I really didn't want to have to put up with my dads constant yelling for that.

“Catch,” The lycan snarled before he threw me into the other vampires. I made a metal note that once I'd finished beating these guys up, I was going to show him what it was like to be thrown through the air.

“This guy is ours!” The sobered up vampire yelled. He was the one to worry about the most as the others still had useless hand-eye co-ordination.

“Oh, Bother,” I muttered. I grabbed the hand he tried to swipe at me with and yanked hard enough to hear bones crack. Of course the injury would heal quick enough, so I had to make this fast. While he was howling over his arm I grabbed one of the drugged up vampires and slammed them against the container so that blood poured from his forehead. He turned around, fangs fully down. I simply punched him in the face, breaking one off. I left him to cry in pain. Afterall vampire teeth were pretty sensitive, so losing one 'caused serious hurt.

“What the hell?” The lycans words interrupted my line of thought as I moved towards another. He was busy ripping one apart. I looked at his feet and saw a mess that could've been a vampire once upon a time. Maybe I'd underestimated him.

“In answer to your earlier question: Not my friends,” I said, voice dripping with contempt.

“Oh,” he seemed unsure of what to say after that and went back to ripping the vampire. I found the third and slammed him into the sobered one. Aware his arm was fixed now. He got pissed off at the body thrown his way and killed the vampire for me.

“Thanks,” I said, knowing it would make him mad. I needed him to be fighting on rage. Because people doing that made mistakes. He ran at me and raised a fist. I easily dodged and slammed him against the container like number two, who was passed out after having lost a fang. He recovered quickly and grabbed the handle of the container, yanking so it made a high-pitched wail. The noise seemed to hurt the lycans ears more than mine.

“I'm going to bash your head in royal,” sobered said, raising the chunk of metal above his head and running at me. I barely avoided the swing and aimed a kicked into his stomach, pushing him towards the lycan. I got ready to attack again but it wasn't needed.

“Your not a half bad fighter, for a prissy royal.” The lycan said once he was finished. Most of his clothes and his hands were covered in dark blood. He claws retreating, becoming human hands again and he watched me uneasily. I didn't bother replying and turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” he asked. He seemed embarrassed to have blurted the question out and shoved his hands into his hoodie pockets.

“First vampire I've seen who isn't trying to kill me or humans,” he explained with a shrug.

“I'm trying to protect humans. If you want to help, your choice. Personally I don't care. Just keep your drugged-blood away from me.” I muttered darkly. I didn't hang around to hear or see his response. But footsteps fell behind mine, so I guess he wanted to help humans too.

The End

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