An unlikely meetingMature

Chapter 24: An unlikely meeting
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The streets were quiet as I slowly made my way back up the road. The dying gurgles behind me were slowly dying out, and soon I couldn’t hear it at all. This was really strange could not off been ten or fifteen minutes since I came down this way. The streets should of been full of panicked humans, but instead they were deserted and the only signs of the panic were the odd suitcases, handbags and blood stains on the floor.

I stop by the yellow mini, its roof still bearing signs off my landing as I raise my head and sniff the air. Not much breeze, but defiantly a scent of vampires nearby maybe even the group I would love to meet again.  With a huff I slide down back to the mini and settle myself down and wait hoping that I would see some kind of life.

“They did a good job of cleaning up” I mutter to myself as I impatiently flick the dirt off the pavement.

It only took me another twenty further minutes of sitting by the mini before my impatience finally caught up with me and I decide to try the handle of the car. Only to have the door pop open, looking around still noticing no one about I crawl into the driver’s seat and start to poke around.

“Nah, won’t be any keys not that...” My muttering stopped when I lowered the sunscreen thingy above the driver’s position to have a hello kitty key ring and the car key land on my lap “maybe I ‘am” I cautiously try the key, and with a rumble the car starts up.

Slowly I start to drive down the road, keeping my eyes out for anyone or anything. Every so often my nose would pick up a scent of a vampire pack nearby and I would have to put my foot down to get out of there. But the initial panic seems to off die down, well until I hit the largest traffic jam of people trying to exit the city that is.

“I heard there are boats just left down there at the docks” I overhear this from some passing by humans, and I get an idea. The docks it was not very far from here and it was away from the traffic jam. Quickly I manuver the car backwards, nearly driving into a powder blue prius and start my way towards the docks with a hopeful smile on my face.

The docks were a creepy sight. Silent and very few smells on the gentle breeze. The guard hut was abandoned and the gate very closed as I parked the mini and got out with a sigh. Quickly I slip through the gate and into the docks where I suddenly got the scent of vampires and humans. Slowly and cautiously I follow my nose before the smell of blood and the sounds of fighting reached me.

“Oh wow that’s cruel” I mutter to myself as I quickly walk in the opposite direction. That was when I bumped into him.

 Five foot something, red eyes and black hair “oh frik” I nearly shout it as I grab him and slam him against a nearby container.

“Let go” says the vampire as I just glare at him, his scent slightly different as I respond “Bite me fangs” with a snarl.

The creature was my hands, and dangling slightly off the ground just gives me a cold look "I have no interest in your blood, lycan" and he rolls eyes.

Glaring with a snarl I pick up the sound of footsteps racing towards us, I give the creature in my hands an angry glare “friends of yours coming?” I say, not letting go just yet.

The End

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