Round OneMature

Chapter twenty one: Round One


Word count: 575

"Arisa!" Nicholas heard her footsteps quicken, disappearing around a corner. He hadn't been in the city for quite some time and with all the drastic changes he didn't hardly trust his own feet.

Not that he would ever admit to Arisa.

Grumbling, he tried to keep track of what was around him, the scent of death being his primary guide, how close he was to a body. "Arisa! Where did you go?" He could hear voices, humans trying to hide, to get away. They would have little hope in this new world of the vampires.

"I'm right here, Nicholas..." She was by his side then, her voice low and scared, so very unlike her.

"What is wrong, my dear?"

"There are other vampires near, can't you hear them?"

He could, barely. They were still a little out of range for even his trained ears. "What is the point of this? They are every where."

He could hear Arisa shuffle her feet. "I have a bad feeling, Nicholas."

"They won't hurt us, Arisa."


"Come, let us see who is around." He started walking, his hands shoved in his pockets. His fearless little fire starter, nervous? This could cause issues if they faces a real threat.

As the voices grew louder, a cold feeling of dread settled in his heart. The scent of human death was strong, almost sickening. And that was saying something when coming from a vampire as old as Nicholas.

"Nicholas, I don't like this..." Arisa murmured.

"Hush..." Nicholas forced a smile on his face, walking up to the group. "Hello..."

"What do you want?" The voice was cruel, sharp. Rude. And defiantly male.

"Nothing, I was just in the neighbor hood." He said politely, keeping Arisa behind him.

The boy snorted. "Well there isn't anything around here for you. So get lost."

Nicholas kept the smile on his lips, keeping himself from ripping this young vampire apart. "No need to be hostile, we were just hoping for a bite."

"No humans around. Like I said, nothing around here for you. Move it." A step forward, the smell of alcohol wafting from the young man's breath. He had fed off a drunk, obviously. Unless he was just too into the human habit of wasting away in a bar.

"Alright, we'll leave then..." Nicholas went to walk away, keeping his steps as smooth as possible. They didn't need to know of his weakness.

"Wait a minute...." A mousy voice sounded, Nicholas could almost see the rat-like face. "Who you got with you?"

"No one..." Nicholas reached for Arisa's shoulder, keeping her close. "Good day."

The pack of vampires were in front of them now, one of them dangerously close to his little girl, he could sense it.

"Hey there." The sound of the voice was like grease, dark and slick. "You know, I've always had a thing for red-heads."

The snap of Arisa's palm against the young vampire's cheek brought a smile to Nicholas' face. "Well to bad. I'm not a fan of snakes."

The boys let out a growl. "You gonna pay for that bitch."

Nicholas threw the boy away, stepping in front of Arisa. "Come and get it then."

Nicholas could hear the footsteps of the newly turned vampires all around him. How many people had been turned in stead of just killed?

The boy let out a cruel laugh. "You messed with the wrong guy, Old Man."

Fuck. We're done for.

The End

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