Chapter Twenty: Failure


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I looked at the ragtag group that Danny had gathered, none of them looked particularly incredible to me, they were all non-royal. But it seemed none of them liked Aldrich and the idea of possibly taking him out was incentive enough for them to help with the rescue. My dad had already texted across co-ordinates for where some young humans were being held hostage. We moved towards the docks and I tried not to feel unease at how empty and quiet the streets were now that we were close enough to smell the sharp tang of sea water and see the shifting of waves through the darkness. Though for us the dark was hardly a handicap. For the humans though...We would probably have to guide them to safety. I kept shooting my eyes in different directions, by this point someone should be trying to stop us, we weren't even be too stealthy. I could tell by the smell of the turned vampires that they were freshly turned. Maybe by Aldrich himself, though I heard he wasn't the kind to turn. All it meant was they hadn't yet figured out how to walk quietly. And I didn't mean human quiet, I meant the near whisper steps that are hidden even from a vampires sense of hearing. A feat only a born vampire can ever entirely pull off. We approached the giant containers that the humans used to deliver their various goods and food over oceans. How ironic they were now used but on them instead I thought. I guess a lot of their own advances would become their worst enemy now. Any cell towers that ran would be by the vampires and they'd use the signals to track down the humans who managed to escape. And the world they've grown into. The majority will have no clue how to survive after the first few months.

...wait. We don't act brave. We don't act shit scared. Because if we act brave. They'll kill us. If we act too scared. They'll think were weak and kill us” I glanced up at the human voice, there was a slight stutter to it. A young female. He could sense her racing heart rate and he smiled a little. Her words were spot on. I approached the huge door and checked the number against the text. Nodded to the others behind me and yanked the thing open. I should've really anticipated the loud, screeching sound the metal would make from the amount of rust.

I heard the laughter almost instantly and involuntary shivers went down my spine. I heard some of the vampires behind me let out a feral growl or hiss in response.

It's him” Danny whispered, though stealth at this point seemed rather pointless.

Move” I said to the shocked faces in the container. I saw the girl who'd spoken. She had long dirty blond hair and stubborn grey eyes. But knees shaked a little from the laughter. Her eyes looked down to meet me. I was aware the others in the crate were waiting to see what she would do.

Can we trust you better than him?” she asked. The bluntness of the question increased my admiration for her a little. She had guts.

Yes, I have no intention of biting you” I said with a shrug. I see her eyes narrow with doubt. But is imply shrugged again.

Up to you” I said. She licked her lips nervously before nodding very slightly and getting out. The others quickly followed, like scared children following a mother.

Aww, its not very nice to steal someone playthings” I turned at the sound of the voice and heard the girl pull in a sharp breath and the smell of urine moved through the air as one of the boys let out a scream. Of course, the human girl is braver than the towering human boy.

You must be Aldrich” I said, meeting his pale blue eyes. I reached out using a ability only royals have and tried to grasp control of his mind. He grinned at me.

You don't play fair do you?” he said, his eyes narrowing. The backlash of pain that fired through me made step back, leaning on the corrugated metal wall for support.

Well, if you won't play fair, there's no point in the game” Aldrich said, I could sense others closing in around us. This wasn't going as planned. Wasn't there meant to be a distraction?

Your fellow vampires didn't put up much of fight, maybe you guys will” he said, answering my unspoken question. I felt my lips form into a tight line.

So how will you end this “Game?” I asked, purposely moving two fingers on each hand in mockery. He simply smiled at the gesture like one did to a small, clueless child, I didn't appreciate that very much.

Destroy the prize” he said. And with those words the hidden bodies moved. We readied, but they paid us no attention.

The humans!” I yelled to everyone. Everyone grabbed the hands of the nearest humans. But the other vampires were bored of humans and were taking us out too now. I barely avoided a blow to the head and continued yanking on whichever humans wrist I'd grabbed. Far too aware of the racing pulse and the beacon it must've been to them.

Somehow against all odds we managed to get away. I ripped open a random door and pushed the human in.

Shit” I whispered, banging a fist on the wall. I heard a light knock on the brick wall outside and saw Danny. His cloths were ripped and he had blood dripping from one cheek, but otherwise looked unhurt.

Get any humans?” I asked. He shook his head silently, his face grim.

They just...all that's back there is body parts Of humans and vampires” he said, shuddering at the memory I guessed.

Their all dead?” The human said. I turned now and saw it was the girl and her eyes were wide and wet. She choked out a deep breath and blinked the wetness away.

So what do you want then?” she asked, her voice cold and bitter and her eyes turned to the dusty wooden floorboards.

To save all of you. But backfired somewhat” I muttered angrily.

The End

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