I looked at myself in the mirror of the department store. It had been three days, or I assumed, only the moon shifted to depict the time of day, and every clock I saw was still working, tracking the hours the sun could no longer show.

I had slept when I felt like it, fed when I had the need, and I took what I needed by means of clothing, breaking off the alarm devices in the dressing room and leaving them with my old clothes. Currently I was dressed in a dark red button down shirt and a pair of jeans. My face was the same as it had always been, but there was a new light in my green eyes. A savage light. I'd killed, taken lives to sate my need. They seemed  worthless to me now, but I knew I should feel remorse, regret, guilt. I stared at those eyes. That face. It didnt seem like it was mine. It was a strangers face.

I resolved to stop. I would continue pressing on to New York, but I would not kill in cold blood, even if theirs was, so tempting... I was almost to the city anyway. I could see the skyline now, less prominent now that the Twin Towers were gone, but it was still unmistakable. I walked out of the department store, passed some humans, ignored them and got on my motorcycle again.

I was tearing down the street going 80 mph. I enjoyed the sensation of going fast. The city was nearly on top of me now.The buildings loomed overhead.

Then I was crossing the bridge to Manhattan island, the heart of the city that never sleeps. I rode through the traffic of Times Square before stopping in a narrow street and leaving my motorcycle behind. Someone would pick it up. I stood in the center of the street, trying to see a difference between someone of my kind and a human. I was looking for the light. The light of the bloodlust.

Just then, a human girl passed by, just too close, I could feel the heat off her skin. My hand reached out and caught her by the throat before I knew what I was doing. She was young, couldnt possibly be more than 16. I looked straight into her frightened eyes, leaned close and hissed in her ear.

"Run!" A warning or the start of a game... I wasnt sure. I released her and she scrambled away, running through the crowds. I followed her, the new hunter in me enjoying the chase. The more human part of me wanted to let her go. But I couldnt. I just couldnt. I was enjoying the hunt too much to... stop...

The End

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