A New Look at an Old PlaceMature

Chapter seventeen: A New Look at an Old Place


Word count: 541

Arisa laughed as she stepped out to of the car door, the rush of speed still ringing in her veins. "Have I mentioned how much I love this car?"

Nicholas was just getting out of the other side, a somber look on his face. "I knew I should have gotten the Camry...." He muttered, smoothing his ruffled hair back.

"Oh hush up..." Arisa pouted. She patted the fire-engine red hood. "I personally like the Mustang much better."

Nicholas shook his head. "Concentrate on why we are here, Arisa. What's the damage?"

Arisa scanned the city streets around them. It had been several years since she was last here, a place she had once loved to visit. "Carnage, chaos, same as back home." She flinched as the sound of a woman's scream reached her ears. "It's like as soon as the sun went dark our entire race felt the need to destroy every human they saw..."

Nicholas walked to stand beside her. "This isn't good. Striking fear into the hearts of humans will prevent us from surviving for long... They will go into hiding and blood banks only hold so much blood. They are fools for thinking that this is a good thing."

"But now we can walk during the day time." Arisa said with a smiling, looking up at the sky.

"But is it the same sky you remember, Arisa? You are younger than I am, you remember the sky better than I do.  Is it the same?"

She frowned. "No. It isn't Nicholas..." She dropped her gaze to meet Nicholas' knowing, blind eyes. "Nothing is the same."

"My point is made." He walked down the street, picking his way over broken glass and mangled bodies with ease. "Lock the car, it's time to take a closer look."

Arisa followed her sire with swift footsteps, falling into rhythm with his long legs. You'd never guess he was blind by they way he acts.

Her heart broke more and more with every body, every life taken. She may have been a vampire now, but she was a human not that long ago. She still remembered the feeling of a heart beat in her chest. She remembered some of the stores on this street, she had visited them before she had been forced to hide in the darkness. Her old apartment was just two streets over.

I wonder what ever happened to my mother....

"Nicholas... what happens if they are making vampires as well... what if they aren't just killing them..." She asked as she stepped around the body of a young girl.

"They food sources will just vanish faster. An animal in fear of being hunted must find a safe place before it will attempt to reproduce. It may be months, years, before a new generation comes along."

"How can you speak of them as animals? You were one of them too."

"That was a very long time ago, Arisa. You are young now. You will learn."

Arisa nodded despite the fact that her sire could not see her. She had a lot to learn and she knew it.

Still, humans had lives too. They were not simply prey. She knew that from experience.

The End

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