Dressed for the end of the world.Mature

Chapter 15: Dressed for the end of the world.
Words: 495

As I ran down the road my towel slipped a couple of times, showing my tail to some nearby humans who just stood there and pointed in wonder. Couple of times I looked behind me only to have my heart sink deeper in my chest at what I saw. The vampire who I mooned was chasing me with a hungry gleam to his eyes.

I had just enough lead on my hungry little friend to get into the little clothing shop on the corner of the road. The door was open thankfully as I slipped into the darkened shop, as I was greeted by the welcoming smell of alternative second hand clothing and dust. I quickly scan the shelves, and grab myself the usual for me. Baggy trousers black of course, baggy t-shirt with what looks like a red dragon flying around on it, and finally a hoodie plain black except for the hood which have had a pair of ear sewn onto it.

Grabbing some scissors and a pair of boxers, I cut a hole in the end...for well my tail I promptly start to dress. Buttoning up my trousers the vampire finally found me and crashes through the front door with a snarl. This would be his last mistake of the night, for chasing me and for the little girl.

With a snarl I turn to face him, my hands curled into claws as my finger nails change and morphs into claws, my chest and arm muscles become pronounced as I grin at him. With a laugh I go into a crouch as the vampire, already in a full on charge stumbles at seeing me. In one smooth action I take a step forwards and rips out the vampire’s throat, whilst using my bulk and motion to hurl him back out off the door in a shower of glass and blood.

Ending in a crouch I look around and listen out for a few moments. Only the last death rattle of vampire could be heard. Slowly my claws turn back into nails and I grab the t-shirt and hoodie and quickly put them on as I head for the exit. It is when they catch my eye, a beautiful pair of thick leather biker boots, with heavy buckles. Quickly I snatch them up; luck was with my tonight as they were my size. Slipping them on, I walk over the glass making a lovely crunching sound.

Stepping over the vampire as he reaches for me I just simply grin down at him, his death rattle a fresh lovely song to my ears. With the Towel in my back pocket. I walk away, after flipping him the farewell salute with the middle finger.

“Time for some revenge I think...” I mutter to myself as I head back towards the way I came, a certain scent of vampires from the apartment in my nose. I might even get lucky and bag a pure blood on my way.

The End

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