Ignorance Isn't BlissMature

Author: VampireInThePentagram

Words: 725

I felt when then sun disappeared. I could never explain my connection but I always knew what time of day it was no matter where I was in the world. I felt when the sun went down, and when it came back to take its radiant place in the sky. So when it was afternoon and I was safe inside my hideout of an apartment, I felt the sun...disappear. There was no word for it. It was still there, just hidden behind something unknown. Like an eclipse. Only it wasn't the time for an eclipse yet.

"What the hell?" I mumbled, tossing my worn copy of Dracula aside to move to one of the windows in my apartment. It was nighttime. Well it looked like it anyway. In actually it was about two in the afternoon.

The city of New Orleans didn't seem to take much notice, its lights already blazing into the sky like candles in a dark room. Only this city would take advantage of the night. Maybe I should too. It had been a few days since I'd last fed and I was starving.


An hour later I was occupying a bar-stool in my favorite club: Rage. The red strobe lights bounced off my deathly pale skin, interrupted only by my black mini shorts and torn up Sex Pistols t-shirt. My black leather jacket was draped over the bar. Some people would scowl at me because it was in the way and then cowered back from the look I gave them in return.

I waved to the bartender, Cherise, for another shot of Absolut. She grinned in response and came to me immediately.

"Another one Iri?" she asked playfully.

I snorted. "Of course. Have you not noticed all of the vampires that came crawling out of the woodwork when that freak of nature thing happened?"

She nodded in agreement. "Our kind are so selfish." Her jade colored eyes flicked over to a male vampire luring an unsuspecting girl out of the club, a leery look on his face that gave away his true intentions. How did she not see it?

"You know," Cherise continued, drawing my attention back to her, "it was probably our kind behind all of this."

That made me pause. She was probably right. There were rumors of rebellious vampires that wanted humans to know we existed and to rule over them. With that thought, it wasn't surprising that they would do something as reckless and drastic as this.

"You're thinking what I think you're thinking, aren't you?" Cherise asked.

I smiled at her innocently. "Of course."

She sighed. "I have a contact in New York that might know something."

"Male or female?" I couldn't even think about me talking to another male. Not after what he did....

"His name is Daniel."

"Fuck," I said, wrinkling my nose in disgust.

"Iria, get over it. It was almost ten years ago!" Cherise sounded exasperated yet she had no right to be. It wasn't her heart that had been ripped out and thrown away like a piece of trash.

I snarled quietly at my friend, warning her not to continue. She knew how I felt about men now.

"It's up to you," she shrugged, holding my violet eyes with her jade ones. It was almost a challenge. And damn Cherise for knowing I couldn't resist a challenge.


Cherise smiled, showing me her pearly whites that were much more dangerous than anyone could imagine.

"He's in New York City. You'd better leave soon if you wanna catch him," she told me, writing down the man's number.

"Thanks Cher. See you when I get back, okay?"

"Duh, Iri." She kissed my cheek affectionately and went back to her busy job of serving both human and vampire alike.

I left Rage without dancing, without any kind of buzz, and without feeding. All of that would have to wait until I got to New York. After packing a few necessities, I hopped on my blood red Ducati 1098S. I stuffed my length of black hair into my helmet and sped away from the place I had called home for years. I really didn't want to go deal with rebellious vampires or men in general but something was pulling me to figure out this mystery. In this case, ignorance wasn't bliss.

The End

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