Chapter 12: Blur


Words: 369

I followed the strange woman for a while, until we encountered a crowded parking lot. People flooded the area, staying huddled in tightly packed groups. Being hearded like sheep by figures that seemed totally comfortable in the darkness that covered the entire world right now. It was still mid-day, I kept forgetting. The woman leapt away and descended on one of the groups, before turning and laughing with the man who had been herding them.

"I've picked up a stray." She said, gesturing at me. I stood there awkwardly as people jostled around me. "Will you take him and show him the ropes, I'm not much of a teacher."

"You never did quit grasp the concept of responsibility Lina." The man said. "Just leave him, he'll figure it out on his own. There's no need to hide anymore, so there's no reason to teach him anything."

I watched them disappear before the pain in my bones and the fog in my brain finally cleared and I could see. The dark didnt seem to matter anymore, I knew it was dark, but it didnt seem dark. I could see every detail, crystal clear. I was angry at the woman for leaving me. But I couldnt focus on that. I was, hungry? Thirsty? I didnt know how to describe it, only that a need filled me that was so great it blocked out all thought. Nearby, a couple passed by too close, I almost recognized them, before the woman sank beneath my hands, clasped around her throat. I put my mouth to the weakly pulsing vein and drank. I strangled the man as well, then looked down at my once white soccer uniform. I needed to change clothes.

I ducked into a clothing store, took some dark blue jeans and a burgundy T-shirt off the shelf and changed quickly, grabbing a pair of sneakers out of the box. Pulling the tags and sensors off and walking away. Outside in the parking lot I kicked a man off a motorcycle and rode off on it. I didnt know where I was headed, I didnt care. The speed, the wind erased all thought from my head. I turned southeast, to New York City.

The End

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