To New York City On A MissionMature

Chapter Eleven: To New York City On A Mission


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I knew my dad would come to my room to see me off, apparently he had important details I needed to help some humans escape enslaving. So I had to get that person out. And fast. Dad wouldn't approve, even I claimed it was just experimenting. Everything about the royals was too old-fashioned it seemed.

Wake up” I yelled as I closed the door loudly. He sat up, his hair a mess and covering most of his hair.

You need to go now” There was no point being gentle about it. The servants knew the drill by now. I put in a good word for them, they didn't tell a soul and I got to push away the urges for a few weeks. He left in record time, must've sensed that things were more serious than usual. I made up the bed and wondered if I should bother packing anything. I pulled out a small backpack and threw in some cloths and my knives - I might have to fight some of my own kind. I also packed a decent amount of donated blood bags. I'd probably need to restock at some point. But there were countless hospitals and blood banks around. I'd get by.

The door made a hush sound as it opened. Dad never bothered to knock.

Here's a phone. In it is the number of the guy who will help you disturb a delivery of humans. Their all adolescents which is the best choice. Their young and impressionable and will be the next generation. Once you have them all you'll need to make it on your own. Hide and move about until others have rescued more. We need to make sure that when we announce our alliance with humans and break away from the rest of the vampric world, that nothing goes wrong. Any messiness, any flaws. And we are doomed. Got it?”.

Serious much? I nodded and murmured a yes, taking the phone. It had one contact, a Daniel.

Oh, and one other thing. The one handling the delivery is Aldrich, so be careful” The door closed before I could voice an objection. Great the most impulsive, reckless and violent turned vampire our ranks have ever known of. He's been around a fair few of my lifetimes and has been the cause for nearly all the near-hits with humans discovering us. No doubt he loves the idea of us taking over. Though I wonder just how safe those he's delivering are. Though they properly sent others to keep an eye on him, not that he's above killing other vampires. In fact he takes as much pleasure in it I'd imagine.

I glanced around my room wondering what else I should take and looked over my bookcases. Reading was about the only thing I could do that no one could judge me for. But I doubted I'd have much time to sit down and read a book I've read a hundred times. All these books were ones already in the house before I was even born.

Time to go” I murmured to myself, pulling on a black jacket and slinging the bag over one shoulder. I glanced at the sky as the doors closed behind me. Still expecting to see the sun. I couldn't help but wonder the science behind it. But I didn't know much about science in all honesty. I put one foot in front of the other and walked into New York city. It was so different from the confined mansion I was used to. Admittedly more messy and covered in more red than it usually is I'd guess. The first thing I noted was the humans running against me, wanting to get out. Smart move. I wondered how many other big cities the vampires had made a move on. How many other royals were carrying out the same mission as me? I pulled out the phone and dialled.

You must be Rhys” a cheery male voice asked. I didn't bother asking how he knew me on a first name basis.

Are you Daniel?” I asked and got a chirpy yes. Someone needed to cut back on happy pills I thought. But he was most likely a turned vampire, which means he wanted everything that's happening. He gave me directions to where we'd meet. As I put the phone back into my pocket I noticed a commotion down the first street I had to walk down. As I moved closer I saw a panicked man dressed only in a towel stand up. Then I noticed the tail and the very non-human smell about him. A lycan.

Help us stop him!” A male vampire said as he rudely shoved me forward. Clearly his own hand eye co-ordination was off. The gleam in my eye told me why he'd been chasing the lycan. Vampires were more resilient than humans. We didn't get drunk and human drugs had very little effect on us. But drinking lycan blood supposedly gave a high on a similar level to that of class A drugs. Not that I would know. Some turned vampire must've made the analysis.

I pushed the vampires out of my mind and continued to follow the directions Daniel had given me. Trying not to think about the naked lycan too much.

Red eyes and neatly dressed - Yup, your royal” I turned at the sound of the voice, noting a slight hint of arrogance.

You must be Daniel” I said, crossing my arms.

Yup, your good at figuring that out” he replied, grinning. His teeth were still a little stained with red. But I noticed he was a bit too fidgety and his back was being careful to block a doorway. I didn't bother with questions and simply pushed him out of the way to look inside. I found another vampire and a human girl.

Look, we can explain” Danny rushed, putting his body in front of the two girls.

No need. I don't care about a single human girl” I said with a shrug.

Oh, nice” he said with a nervous laugh. The human girl looked at me with wide eyes so the vampire ushered her away. I noted the red hint in her eyes. Distantly royal. So that's why my dad thrust such a big mission to this clown.

Shall we go?” I asked and he nodded.

Any chance to wipe that annoying grin off Aldrich's face” He murmured to himself. I'd never seen the “grin” but I had no issue with Danny's opinion. Just meant he was definitely on my side. For the time being at least. 

The End

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