Chapter Ten: Maria


Word Count: 601

As I held Whisper in my arms, I breathed in her scent. It was her wonderful mix of blood and, well, just her. Her scent was impossible to describe, it was simply... wonderful.

I reluctantly let go of her, not yet ready for her to know of my feelings for her. Her shining blue eyes held the faintest tint of red. It was the only thing that told you she was distantly related to a royal. Her beuatiful smile perfected her beautiful face. I smiled back.

"We don't have to hide during the day anymore," I said to her.

"Is that good?" she asked.

"It's brilliant. We can do whatever we want, whenever we want." I threw my arms into the air for effect, grinning manically.

"Danny!" shouted a voice. My smile vanished. I knew who that was. I turned around, pasting a fake smile on my face.

"Aldrich! How are you?" I asked him, glancing at the children behind him. They could have only been a few years younger than Whisper, maybe 16 - 17 at most.

"I see you've been busy here," he commented, reminding me we were still stood in the middle of a sea of human bodies and spilt blood.

"As have you," I said, nodding at the humans behind him.

One of them caught my glance and held it, trying to act as if she was unafraid but she wasn't fooling anyone. She wasn't especially tall, though she used her demeanour to make herself seem bigger. Her green eyes did their best to reveal nothing of what she was thinking, or feeling. Her dark brown hair reached her shoulders. She was pretty, but nothing compared to Whisper. My Whisper.

"Oh, I have indeed," Aldrich chuckled. His hand lashed out, grabbing the green-eyed girl by her hair. She screamed in pain. I felt Whisper bristle with anger behind me. Aldrich moved his lips to the girls ear. "What's your name?"

She didn't answer, instead trying to prise his hand apart. When she didn't respond, Aldrich shook her hard, still holding onto the roots of her hair. He pushed her to the ground.

"What's your name?" he asked again.

"M-M-Maria," the girl managed.

"Well, Maria, you're going to be a gift for my good friend, Danny, here. If that's not okay with you, then your friends will get to watch me rip your throat out," he said light-heartedly. As if it were nothing.

The girl whimpered in agreement. Aldrich hauled her up and shoved her hard towards me. I caught the girl by the wrist and watched Aldrich herd away the others. When he was gone, I turned to the girl.

"Are you alright?" I asked her.

She hugged herself and didn't answer, making me smile.

"There's no point rebelling now. We're not going to hurt you."

She glanced at Whisper and nodded slowly.

"I'm okay," she murmured.

"I'm Whisper," said Wiz, holding out a hand to the young girl, who shook it hesitantly.

"Is this really happening?" the girl, Maria, asked quietly.

"Yes," I said simply.

"This isn't me, going crazy, making up that vampires are real?"

"No," I said. She nodded slowly. "I would take you back to your parents, but they're most likely dead, and if they aren't and Aldrich finds out you've gone back to them, he'll kill you, and everyone you know."

"Okay," she whispered. "I don't want to put my family in danger. Where are you going to take me?"

I shared a look with Wiz, who nodded gently.

"Why don't you come back to my house?" I said, to both of the girls.

The End

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