Lambs For The SlaughterMature

Chapter Nine: Lambs For The Slaughter


Word Count: 665

The silence in the classroom didn't last long as screams echoed down the halls. Everyone looked at everyone with no clue what to do. I looked at the teacher, but she looked too petrified and confused.

We need to get out of here” I said at last. Since no one seemed to be taking charge. I needed to get home as fast as I could. Dad and mum would know what to do.

Aww, and spoil all the fun?” a male voice drawls from the doorway which was now occupied by three tall, scary looking people. The one who spoke had a mess of tangled white blond hair and icy blue eyes that spoke of no emotion. Though the way his lips curved at the site of our confusion made me think of a snake. The kind that took joy in slow torture. The others were smiling, but they seemed a bit on edge. And I doubted we were the reason.

Lily! New brat number one” He said, causing the girl on his right to jump instantly. She had plain brown hair and eyes that looked wide.

Who do you think we should eat first?” He asked. Eat? My brain was still processing this when he threw another curve ball its way.

Too slow” he murmured when she stuttered for a while. Then he picked her up as if she were nothing more than a tiny pebble and threw her through the only window that didn't have people around it. He turned his gaze to the guy next to him, he wasn't so slow.

Age before beauty?” he suggested and the ice cold eyed man flashed him a smile then turned to face us.

Good idea. I'll feed, you get these little lambs moving”. Everyone moved back in unison when he took a step forward. Something that seemed to please him a great deal. If I wasn't so damn scared of this nutter, I'd tell him to piss off. But there was something unnatural about the ease with which he moved.

I guess your all wondering what's going on huh kiddos?” He said, flashing us sharp toothed smile. Fake fangs. Great we were in the middle of crazy cult people.

I'll tell you now. Twilight ain't a damn bit close to the real deal. It's why we had the sun go away. Now the clever littlest lamb who behaves has the best chance of living the longest. Or heck, maybe you'll get the privilege to become one of us”. As he said the last sentence his eyes fell on me. And I felt like he wasn't just looking at me, but looking at something in me.

Misbehave on the other hand” he began, walking, I realised, towards me. I told myself I wouldn't back away. I don;t know why it mattered. But I wouldn't. Because I refused to believe any of this to be true. He stopped and knelt down so he could whisper in my ear. The feel of his breath made me want to shudder and run.

And I'll get to drink every last drop of your blood”. I knew then that this was no cult. Because the other guy grew inpatient and ripped into Mrs Breman's neck. As blood splattered the walls and floors and my own face the others screamed. I just refused to turn away from the snakes eyes.

Well that was selfish” he muttered, winking at me. As if I would find any of this amusing. I watched the second one die. But on his own it made no difference. We knew when he said follow me. We would. Out of pure, undiluted fear.

Who are you?” it was whispered to myself as I watched his back, his gait easygoing. You'd never guess he'd just killed two of his own kind. He turned back with a big, manic grin on his face.

I'm Aldrich girlie”.

The End

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