Chapter  8: Tails
Word count: 409

Dropping the towel to the floor I scan the floor quickly for my clothing. The organised chaos of my room would put many off, but I quickly find what I'm looking for and quietly pad over to a pair of undies and trousers. Slowly bending down I reach for them, eager not to be caught with my towel down, but as luck would have it the guys took that moment to kick in my door.

“Whoa lads a full moon today” The first vampire shouts as he takes on my full view, his eyes glazed over as he starts to laugh, clearly drunk or high on what he just consumed.

My mooning him saved my life. I reached out and stumbled grabbing the first thing I could grab and bolted for the nearest window. I was only three stories up in the suburbs of new York city unfortunately my land lord was a cheap ass and hadn’t repaired the first escape so my only option was to jump out off the window or fight the drugged up men.

I decided to launch myself through the window and down the three stories, praying to the great wolf for a safe landing as the gang watched with open mouths that I’d rather jump then be their next meal. The great wolf did give me a safe landing...

Right onto a yellow mini, there face first and spread eagled on top of its roof.  It took awhile for the panicked new Yorkers to stop and see what just happened. When they did though it caused them to point and shout in panic. Not just because a naked man carrying nothing but a towel just jumped three stories and right onto a yellow mini, but because the only thing covering my decency was a fluffy tail.

Not just a cat tail, but a long bushy tail with dark brown at the base, getting lighter towards along its length until it ends with a white blob at the very tip. It was quite happily covering my glory as I slowly sat up and rubbed my head with a groan.

Looking at the one item I managed to save I slowly let out a steady stream of swears and curses. Sliding off the mini I wrap the towel around my waist tighter, making sure my tail is tucked away underneath and through the parted crowd I start to walk towards my favourite clothing store.

The End

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