Chapter Six: Massacre


Word count: 573

I sat in that dingy alley, staring out from the darkness into the street. Nobody cast a glance into the thin little side-road. They walked past without a care in the world, the warm sun bathing their skin. In a way, I was lucky never to have felt the sun's rays on my body; I'd been born a vampire, from a long line of born vampires.

I looked down at my biker boots. Flecks of blood from previous feeds dotted the leather. I sighed and started picking at it. My long trench coat was such a stereotypical thing for vampires to wear, but I found it comfortable and it let me cower from the rain that fell on occasion. My dark blonde hair fell around my face and I sighed, closing my red-tinted blue eyes.

In the shade, I hardly noticed the light disappear. I only realised because all sound had stopped: cars, pedestrians, even the birds had stopped tweeting. As darkness encompassed the sky, so did silence.

I stood up and stepped out into the street. Nobody looked at me. Everybody was too busy looking up at the same sight. For a brief moment I thought it was simply an eclipse of the sun, but I dismissed that theory quickly; I wouldn’t have known about it but the humans around me would have. They seemed as shocked as I was.

Within moments, the still silence was destroyed by the scream of a little girl. It was a scream that spread like a tsunami, outwards, and as it rolled, it only got louder. Half these people didn’t know what was going on.

I didn’t know either, though my unspoken question was answered when seemingly invisible attackers launched themselves through the crowds of humans. I knew what they were. They were like me: vampires. They were taking advantage of the sun – or lack thereof.

I watched as the humans tried to escape their attackers. It was a futile effort; there was no escaping from a vampire. Eventually, all the screaming stopped and eerie silence settled again. I looked out over the sea of broken, twisted human bodies. Some of the bodies had vampires attached to them but most were just up for pickings. I looked at the feeding vampires, searching for somebody I recognised.

There was no one. But that was before I noticed someone walking towards me. He seemed 20 or so and his usually pale blond hair was dyed red with blood. His deep green eyes were like vortexes that trapped your very soul, not allowing you to escape until he wanted you to. His skin was pale, like most vampires’. The smirk that tugged at his lips was the same one that was always there.

“Hello, Whisper,” he greeted, saying my name as if it were funny.

“Danny,” I said in reply. “What’s going on?”

“This is our world now, Wiz.” It had been years since anybody had called me that.

“This won’t be allowed, you know? You’ll be punished for this massacre,” I reminded him.

He just shrugged. “The royals never care what we do as long as we don’t announce our presence to the world.”

“If this isn’t announcing it, then what is?”

“This could be pinned on terrorists.”

“And the bite marks?” I asked.

He paused. “I never thought about that. Damn it. Oh well.”

I just rolled my eyes as he pulled me into an embrace.

The End

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