Win or LoseMature

Chapter Five: Win or Lose


Word Count: 663

"GOAL!" You know the cheer that everyone does when someone scores the winning goal in a game of soccer. It was no different when I scored that goal, on that fateful, warm, sunny day. School had just let out, it was the national championship game, we had won our way through game after game after game, and finally, we had the trophy.

I was hoisted high on the shoulders of my teammates and I held that big trophy above my head. The world was a blur of shouting and movement.

Then everything stopped.

It was gradual. A slow dimming of the bright sunlight. A slow quieting of the crowd as it seemed a cloud had drifted in front of the sun, plunging us into shade. But there were no clouds. The shade didnt go away. The whole world was shaded. The sky went from brilliant light blue to a muted navy in a matter of minutes. Streetlights turned on automatically. I checked my watch, it wasnt even four yet. Stars came out, and the moon, but for some reason, though the sun shone on the moon, it didnt shine on us.

What was going on? I turned toward my parents, they were standing at the car, guesturing for me to come over. I guess the after-game party was going to have to wait. I still held the trophy in my hands. It was big, hard to run with. I hesitated. Something shot out of the dark and tackled me. Whoever it was was female, and in that split second I recognized a very beautiful person, big eyes, full lips, curves, before she knocked me to the ground.

"I will drink your blood out of this cup." She whispered in my ear, wrestling the trophy out of my numb fingers.

"Maybe you might want to put flowers in it or something instead." I didnt know how I managed to sound so calm, so sarcastic. My brain screamed at me to be scared, to wriggle out from under this woman and run as fast as I could.

There were footsteps nearby, and my dad spoke.

"Let my son go." He said. The woman smiled, revealing sharp, sharp, teeth.

"He's mine now." She stood up from me and descended on dad, seeming to kiss him on the neck. But he went pale and still, slumping to the ground as she released him. He died with his eyes wide open. Reaching out a hand toward me, the long nails like claws, she grabbed me by the throat and set to "kiss" me too. I was frozen. I'd just seen my dad killed before my eyes in a matter of seconds. She hesitated centimeters from my throat, out of the corner of my eye I saw her pout slightly.

"Now I cant drink your blood, since I'm full from the other male." She said, softly, as if to herself. Then, thoughtfully, she slowly leaned in closer and "kissed" me anyway. She held that position for less than a second. Just enough for fire to fill my entire body, before she dropped me like a rag doll and bounded after my mother and sister, still standing by the car. My mom slammed the door to the drivers seat, and drove off, my sister in the back, they didnt even buckle their seat-belts. I watched, unable to move, unable to blink. It hurt too much to do anything. The world was dark. So dark now. The woman came back, standing over me like a dark angel.

"It wears off in about an hour." She said. "Dont be a baby and stand up."

I stood, groaning and trying not to scream at the pain of moving. She looked me over.

"We're going to need to get you some decent clothes." Was all she said, before striding away. I followed, confused, in pain, limping. The pain was beginning to recede. I felt, different. Little did I know exactly how different I now was.

The End

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