Royal SchemesMature

Chapter Four: Royal Schemes


Word Count: 668

I suppressed a yawn as I entered the main meeting hall. Apparently there was something I needed to know. As I entered the various murmurs of the others paused as dozens of red pairs of eyes flew to me. Then they resumed their conversations. All they were looking for were my own pair of blood red eyes. The sign of a pure blooded, born vampire. A royal was the more popular term. It was our job to keep the turned and other not-so-pure blooded born vampires under control. Cleaning up after bad messes with all our high up connections. And ensuring that vampires stay a secret. That was our duty, the only reason we ruled was because none of the other vampires cared enough to do this. The others were reckless, whilst us royals had to remain calm and controlled as always. It didn't take me long to find my father.

What's going on?” I was still annoyed he'd woken me up so early, it was mid-day - sunlight hours. What were we doing up. As that thought entered my mind, I realised one of the curtains was half open, but no dangerous UV filled light was pouring in. Instead a muted darkness was cast. I felt the words my dad spoke wash over me as I approached the curtain. His quiet footsteps - an ingrained habit of our kind - following me.

The powers that reign above even us have been swayed by the masses. Humankind are to be enslaved and our time shall rise” The way my dad repeated it, it was if he was mocking the words.

You don't agree this is a good thing?” I asked, honestly I didn't care either way. I'd spent my life in this tomb of a mansion. I've never seen a human. Like most of us who keep to the shadows, I lived off donated blood. Not hard to get when you have connections.

For vampires? Yes, but for royals? No. Do you think the common scum will listen to us when they no longer need us to clean up their messes?” Dad voice grew harsher by the second. I was used to the term “common scum”, he used it a lot.

So what are you going to do?” I asked, keeping my voice neutral. I hadn't decided yet if I cared or not.

I have no choice but to stay in this place, waiting for orders. But you can go out there. It is properly too late to keep the vampire a secret. But if you can form an alliance with the humans. Then we could still survive this. If vampires and humans were to co-exist. Then we would still be needed to control things” Dad turned his hard gaze to me then. I understood his words, he had a sound argument. And it wasn’t like I couldn’t survive out there on my own. I'd spent a lot of bored hours learning different skills. Knife throwing was still a favourite. Getting a tiny blade to wedge where a heart or throat should be. Though I never expected to use the skill on another vampire, which I assume would be the case if I'm allying myself with humans.

Well?” Father pushed, his voice growing impatient and his stance more rigid.

I'll do it” I finally replied. Afterall, part of me couldn't wait to leave this place and see the world.

But whatever you do” Dad began, grabbing my shoulder before I could turn and leave, “Don't tell the humans the real reason for the alliance. They can't know how fragile the links are between the different classes of vampires. Otherwise they'd take advantage of the chinks and destroy the whole chain”. I nodded and left, my mind swirling with different excuses. Then I figured just use the true one. I was bored of life and needed something exciting to do. Sounded like all of this could be exciting.

The End

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