Rude awakeningMature

Chapter 3: Rude awakening.
Word count: 378

Hot and sticky, the air conditioning unit broke months ago leaving me tossing and turning in my bed. Silently I sat up in my bed and rubbed my eyes. Still bright outside as I swung my legs over the beds edge and stretched the thin cotton sheet clung to my naked chest.

“Damn night shifts” I muttered to myself as I rubbed my eyes more, I had only slept for a few hours but for some reason the heat today was even worse than normal.
Sleepy I padded along the wooden floor, my feet sticking as I walk and stumble into the bathroom. My apartment was not very big...mostly three rooms - a bathroom, my bedroom slash living room and a kitchen.

Forehead on the wall I turn the shower on, making sure its ice cold as my eyes slowly close and I drift off in the shower. Hours must of past as when I awoke it was dark.

“The hell is this” I mutter, noticing that I’ve only fallen asleep for half an hour in the shower but it was completely dark outside.

Wrapping a towel around my waist I stumble out of the shower, still half asleep and look out off the window onto the main road. What met my eyes was a really confusing sight; everyone in the street was staring up at the sky. Following their gaze I look up and noticed the eclipse.

“Oh hell no. No no no” I panic and look at my calendar and breathe a sigh of relief noticing that’s it not time yet. It was then I heard a high pitched scream from my next door neighbour. Slowly and cautiously I pad over, still in my towel and open my front door.

What I saw next will forever haunt me, the couple next door was being hauled out off their apartment by a group of youths, their little girl held up by a particular nasty looking guy. The little girl eyes locked with mine, her dark eyes telling me to flee before she turned her gaze to the man and sunk her teeth into his hand with a feral growl. Quickly I close my door and start to panic...

I had to leave and fast.

The End

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