Permanent PenumbraMature

Humans woke up this morning and everything had changed...
Vampires were supposed to be nothing more than a myth. A creature splashed across books and films. They weren't meant to be real.
But they are. And they're taking control. And a bloodthirsty battle is to be endured.
And the one defence humans could rely on is taken. They've blotted out the sun.
But there's a prophecy. Neither race will gain complete control until their foretold champions are found.

Chapter One: Last moments of normality.


Word Count: 265

I gazed at the clock in boredom, only ten more minutes and the day was over. Summer holidays would begin and I could spend my days at the nearby beach. I knew I had a ton of homework I had to sieve through. But everyone leaves work to the last minute. I'm sixteen, I want to enjoy my adolescence please. I returned my gaze to the teacher. Mrs Bremen had to be the most irritating teacher in this place. She had a very nasal voice and picked on everyone, even the smart kids. But I wasn't especially smart, just average. I felt my eyelids try to close and made myself face the bright sunlight. But as I felt the gentle rays warm my face I noticed the light fade.

“What's going on?” the words escaped my lips before I could stop them. I heard the teacher tell me it was rude to interrupt. But I was more interested in standing up. I walked over to the window and watched. Something was covering the sun bit by bit.

“There isn't an eclipse. We'd know about it by now” I murmured to myself, though everyone heard it, the class was totally silent. The teacher stopped yelling at me as she too saw what was going on. I heard the squeaks as chairs and tables moved and soon we were a crowd huddled by the window. Looking down I could see others pausing in the streets to look up. And in others windows, faces pressed against the glass.

The whole world was watching the sun disappear.

The End

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