The brightly lit sky. It is not the sun that lights the sky, but the never ending street lamps and tall buildings. If Daniel was not in Paris the sky would be a deep navy, dotted randomly with twinkling stars, each of which containing their own system of planets, who knows what lies their. If there is life on other planets do they ponder about our existence? Suddenly a glacial wind breaks his line of thought and then with a quick glance east starts a new one. For a brief second, Daniel thought, that the Eiffel Tower had transformed into a tall being, holding one arm aloft, in its a hand a torch. The Statue of Liberty. He glances over again and all he can see is the tall, pyramid-esque shape of the tower he grew up with. Daniel closes his window, suddenly he is warm again, as if there was no cold wind at all.

The sun is beginning to set over New York. Paul and Rebeca are strolling around Liberty State Park. One arm around her, one hand in his pocket, Paul looks comfortable, as he always is when he is with Rebeca. The comfort though does not last. Paul feels a sudden chill down his spine. It is not the same chill as one would feel on a winter-esque day, but a chill that gets under your skin, Paul knew something was going to happen. Rebeca sences his unease and stands in front of him, holding both his hands and with a quirky smile asking what is his problem. Suddenly, but briefly Rebeca's blond, beautiful shape is replaced with a taller, brunette figure and behind her in the distance The Statue of Liberty morphs into a large, bright tower. The Eiffel Tower. Paul shakes his head and looks around again, Rebeca is standing before him, a confused look on her face. The Statue is back, its as if it never moved at all.

The End

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