True love prevails all.

Daniel opens his eyes. He turns his head to see that he is lying in bed. Next to him is an alarm clock perched upon a wooden bedside table. Beside the clock is his iPod and his mobile phone. He turns his head and sees an unfamiliar woman lying beside him. She is lying on her side, one arm under her the other coiled around her, across her breasts and clutching her other arm. She has long, blond hair that flows freely from the top of her pale, almost perfect head. Daniel blinks. When his eyes reopen he finds this mystery woman has disappeared and in her place, his girlfriend, Laura. Her brown hair tied up in a pony-tail but leaving her fringe flow down in front of her face. She is beautiful. Daniel stares at her and takes some deep breaths. Slowly, coolly, he sits up out of bed. He wipes his face with his hands then pushes back his long, black hair out of his face. He sits up and looks out of his bedroom window. Outside the sun is beginning to rise. A start of another beautiful day in Paris.

Paul walks into his bedroom. He removes his black and green buttoned shirt and throws it into the hamper in the corner of the bedroom. He walks to the wardrobe and retrieves a gray t-shirt. He puts it on then looks at his bed. Lying in his bed is an unfamiliar woman. She has brown hair that is tied at the back with a fringe that flows over her face. She is tanned, but only lightly. She is lying flat on her back with one arm flat on the bed beside her and the other placed lightly over her chest. She breathes lightly, barely making a sound. Paul stands and stares as she morphs back into a more familiar shape, that of his girlfriend, Rebeca. The mystery woman's hair is now replaced with flowing blond strands and her skin becomes pale. Her breasts inflate slightly and she is now turned on her side. All familiar traits. Paul, slack-jawed and frightened opens his window to get some air. The sounds of Manhattan fill the room, the horns of the sloth-like traffic and the loud bustling of passers by that are unaware of anything else except their own welfare. Yes it is a average day in New York.

The End

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