Chapter Three - Choices (Part Four)

          They reached a dining room where the bodyguard and a dozen other servants were having a meal. It appeared to be a self-serve arrangement, which suited Anna. She had not got a clue what any of it was called. Helping herself to a small loaf of bread, she moved over towards the fruit, but Cae had been right. There was nothing she recognised. So, deciding to be brave, she took a bright red, spiky fruit, which looked a little bit like a strawberry, and an orange, square thing, that was like a squashed orange, she moved towards an empty table.

          “Come and sit here!” somebody called. She looked up, and saw a girl about her own age sitting at a table with Apple. Gratefully she sat down opposite them, marvelling at how alike they were. The two girls were almost identical, except that Apple was taller.

          “This is my younger sister,” said Apple. “People always think that we’re twins, but she’s two years younger than me.”

          “Hi, I’m Anna,” she said, shaking hands.

          “I’m May,” said the girl. “I’m named after a month from the old times – Dad’s a historian.”

          “Yeah, I gathered that from Apple’s explanation of her name,” said Anna, grinning.

          “Thinking of her, I got off easily when it came to names,” May laughed back.

          “Where I come from, May is actually a name,” said Anna without thinking.

          “Seriously?” Apple shot Anna a warning look. She had obviously kept her promise and not told anyone, but Anna felt that she could trust May, who was obviously a girl after her own heart.6353 words.

          “It’s okay, Apple. May, I think I can trust you.” May looked flattered.

          “I’ll keep your secret, of course I will. What do you take me for?” she said. Anna took a deep breath.

          “I was born four thousand years ago,” she said quietly, so that no one else in the room could hear, save for her friends.

          “Wow, you’re pretty old,” said May, impressed.

          “No, it’s not like that. I sort of travelled in time, to get here.” There. She’d done it. May knew her secret.

          “Oh, that’s cool,” she said, and that was the end of that conversation. While they had been talking, Anna had eaten a large percentage of her bread. Now she gingerly tasted one of the spiky red fruits.

          At first, the spikes were a little unpleasant, and tended to cause a strange tingling. The taste more than made up for this: it was like strawberries and raspberries mixed with apples, and was wonderfully refreshing. May and Apple laughed at the expression on Anna’s face as the taste filled her mouth.

          The square orange was a bit of a disappointment after that.

and that's as far as I got. Sorry, readers, if you were hoping for more....! 

The End

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